Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preston Hill

Full Name: Preston Hill
Age: 52 cycles
Affiliations: New Baja Gang
CURRENT STATUS: DEAD, 25-26 Summer, TN1918.

Quotes: "That's a pretty shooting iron you have there boy. Are you sure you know how to use it?"

A dyed-in-the-wool Badlander, Hill's relationship with Baja has been conflicted. Slighted by city officials, Hill collaborated with the CEF. Later repentant, he assisted the liberation efforts before fleeing to the desert. In the post-war period, he set himself up as a defender of New Baja's independence before being subverted by the very interests he was attempting to resist.

Preston Hill was a fearsome shot with a pistol, and possibly one of the best gunfighters in the Karak Wastes. He was also a good gear pilot and an inspiring speaker.

Preston Hill was a cattle rancher before the CEF invasion of Baja. His land had been appropriated by the city of Baja in order to refurbish the Cento Mine as a bomb-shelter before the war. In a misguided fit of revenge, Hill began collaborating with the CEF against the Baja Resistance and was responsible for the death of many Resistance members. Why he decided to aid the Resistance in the crucial hours of the Terranovan counterattack into Baja remains a mystery. Suffice it to say that Hill's timely actions were pivotal in the opening wave's successful assault.

After the War's end, consumed by guilt, Preston fled into the foothills outside Baja and began a small-time gang. Once he discovered that the main reconstruction efforts were Southern in origin, Hill began using his gang as an anti-Southern agitation group in an effort to maintain Baja's longstanding and hard-fought independence. Unfortunately, with the SRID's intervention in Baja, Hill's wartime activities were uncovered and he was quickly forced to do the SRID's bidding. The nature of these activities became more brutal and destructive as Hill withdrew from leadership and let the SRID personnel now in the Gang run operations.

On the night of the 23rd, Summer TN1918, Preston Hill and Sam Tarmalin had a brief shootout in the northern outskirts of Baja, during which Sam pointed out that Hill was a puppet of the Southern Republic. This did not sit well, and by the 25th of Summer at Kolmar Station, Hill was ready to come over to the New Baja Regulators already at the station and help fight the SRID-New Baja Gang. During this fight, Preston Hill was gunned down in an ambush by Jacques Menard, the SRID operative running the gang. He died soon after.


Game Thug said...

Hey Josh,

We can certainly alter the format, but what I had in mind for the bios is:
Profile: Who they are
Activities: What they did
Resolution: How they died/we kicked their ass

Heavy Josh said...

Fair enough, but I was feeling verbose.

Profile sort of bled into everything else.

Certain Betrayal said...

That was beautiful man, I shed a tear for Hill.

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