Friday, May 30, 2008

15 May 2008 A New Direction

The fearsome foursome are reunited; Kain and the Doc argue--a lot.

Nothing much has changed. Except know we are New Baja's spies....


Certain Betrayal said...

Dearest J,

As we didn’t part on speaking terms, rather than chance facing your silence on the wire, I decided to write. I simply could not bear your silence now; at least in a letter I can delude myself there will be a response someday.

I found Kain, Sam, Gaid, Avatania, all of them. That was the easy part. I approached them all wrong. I was stupid, but I guess you already knew that. I guess it all happened so fast that I didn’t think it through, but I guess you know that even better.

You might be somewhat placated to know that Kain probably thought of killing me or at least hurting me for my trouble. Sam was actually quite cordial, never mind Avatania. You know Kain well enough to imagine how he took my offer, you certainly know me well enough to know how badly the negotiations went. We managed to alienate everyone in his clan until there was nothing but the two of us scowling at each other into the early hours of the morning. Common interest prevailed with a little help from fatigue. We have some kind of understanding and I will be out here for some time.

The day I found them, some goons came gunning for Kain, yesterday we had a stand off with Western protectorate marshals after Gaid. We’re still fighting our pasts, how are we supposed to campaign for our future?

I don’t know what you saw in your future, I know it wasn’t this. I see the two of you as my future, in New Baja, but not on our knees. I have dedicated myself to something bigger than me, and that endeavour must be protected. Right now that means I have to make a personal sacrifice and hurt you. Its unfair to you, I’m sorry. I wish I could make promises, but I don’t want to break any more, I can’t go on all my life apologising to you, it just wouldn’t be fair. I want you to know that once I have guaranteed a certain measure of success out here, laid the groundwork for what is necessary then I will have done enough for duty and posterity and I will tend to what I want, and that is you, both of you. I know that you may not be there when I am done, but I have to hold on to hope.

I’m so sorry Julie,


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