Friday, May 9, 2008

08 May 2008 Principles Betrayed

Upon returning to New Baja, our heroes discover that the Southern MILICIA made a sweep through town, looking for material stolen from the starport. This trumped up claim is simply the South's latest attempt to influence New Baja, and it appears to have been the last straw. With the population already largely moved into the new cavern system, Lloyd Dunn has decided to make overtures to the Mekongese corporation International Consumer Products to develop New Baja's infrastructure. In an attempt to destabilize the Southern Republic's attempts to dominate New Baja, he is prepared to accept the virtual surrender of the surface to Southern interests. Dunn understands that he is negotiating with the AST while they are unwilling or unable to send a large military force to occupy Baja and search for the cavern system. He feels that he has to negotiate now before the facts on the ground change.

This position marks a breaking point between he and Kain Delacroix and Sam Tarmalin. In compromising the independence for which Sam and Kain have campaigned, Lloyd has driven a wedge between the marshals and their temporarily adopted home.

Meanwhile, the Doctor continues to develop his business interests...


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