Saturday, October 15, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - A difference of opinion

Nadya finished her report. The Forzi were hiring every goon they could and Ti didn’t know why. He thanked her and she left him alone. After a few minutes of scratching his head he picked up his phone, made a call, and left a message on a voice mail.

It was an hour later when his phone rang. “Tom, I need to know what the Forzi are up to.”

Friday, October 14, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : The Interview

The camera shook slightly as it righted itself and re-focused on the two figures in the center of the frame. Helena Luka of the SNS was interviewing a GREL.

“It has been said that you advocate a peaceful resolution to the conflict between GRELs and humans.”

As if to punctuate her reference to conflict, a deep concussive force shook the cameraman recording -- a deep audible rumble. Out of focus in the background between the interviewer and the sizeable purple interviewee was the blurred image of humans fighting. The expanding smoke cloud and automatic fire made for a dramatic background.


Yes! After over a month of missed games, we're back, baby! The name of the game this week is "infiltration." Sometimes successful, sometimes not. But at least all the pieces are now in place... we hope.

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