Friday, October 14, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : The Interview

The camera shook slightly as it righted itself and re-focused on the two figures in the center of the frame. Helena Luka of the SNS was interviewing a GREL.

“It has been said that you advocate a peaceful resolution to the conflict between GRELs and humans.”

As if to punctuate her reference to conflict, a deep concussive force shook the cameraman recording -- a deep audible rumble. Out of focus in the background between the interviewer and the sizeable purple interviewee was the blurred image of humans fighting. The expanding smoke cloud and automatic fire made for a dramatic background.

“There are only two ways to resolve conflict, though peace or through annihilation. Anything else is not resolution, it is simply deferment,” came the GREL’s measured response. “Peace now is the only viable option and peace is compromise, not subjugation.”

Luka pressed on. “And so your movement, the Perfect Form movement, seeks peace with humans, with the authorities of Port Arthur?”

“Our movement believes external peace comes naturally from inner peace. The GRELs were designed to fight, but we can change those designs. If a GREL can be at peace with himself, he can live in peace with humans. It is logical and inevitable.” Sebastopol answered calmly, as the founder and prime mover of the Perfect Form movement, he spoke with enviable conviction.

“If that is the case, why is it then that the authorities of Port Arthur see you as a menace which must be violently controlled?” the reporter countered. By this time, she and the GREL had moved into a vehicle. The camera was tightly centered on them, but the outer frame caught the shoulder of a young woman and the glint of someone wearing a face shield.

“Because for a GREL to be at peace, he must be in control of himself. This notion frightens those who built GRELs to be under their control.”

“Enough,” said Major Beria as he thumbed the power switch and the screen went black. He had already watched the footage twice and he didn’t care to hear more GREL pseudo-mystic propaganda. “How did you get this?” Beria said, turning to Major Diego.

“I got a tip from a political ally of the mayor of Fort Neil, not someone I inherently trust, but he is connected. He told me exactly where the reporter would be and we were able to collect her and this before she could transmit.” Major Carlos Diego explained coolly.

Beria was less contained. “Well thank goodness we had a heads-up on this. The GREL Quarter is about two steps away from a full-blown riot and my SecBuro is stretched to the max!”

“Why not let the footage play? It might calm the GRELs,” suggested Major Stone, speaking for the first time, Diego frowned pensively to show we has considering it.

“Hell no, Stone, this is a security matter, not a military intelligence gambit. I’m on my way now to see the Colonel and ask to deploy the Korps and escalate our rotation to bolster the forces. I don’t believe for a second that this message of peace and love will help us in the short term in the least, and the long term ramifications of letting this kind of seditious and radically destabilizing thinking get aired is unthinkable!”

While Major Beria fumed his assessment, Major Stone of the Korps Intelligence had turned the recording back on and managed to ignore what was obviously a speech directed at him. “Stone, are you listening, damn you?” Beria shouted.

“Hmm? Oh, yes, quite right. A security matter. I agree entirely that this is your decision, Major. Please don’t allow me to keep you from the Colonel.” Stone said distractedly as re-scanned through the images.

“What are you looking for, Stone?” Asked Major Diego.

“Those aren’t GRELs fighting in the background of this interview. Those uniforms are clearly SecBuro and these forms here are clearly human. Carlos, your contact through Royz wouldn’t have some details on who these people might be?”

Major Beria calmed down and took note of the detail that had escaped him on his viewings. Stone was right; those were his men dying at the hands of other men. He would get to the bottom of that when his duties permitted. Without a word, he stormed out of the office to meet his commanding officer and seek to quell the unrest in the city.

“I’ll see what I can find out,” Major Diego said, squinting at the image. “So will I,” repeated Major Stone, mostly to himself.

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