Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter III: Don't Cry Over Spilled Cawfee

3 Winter, 1923

Her new clothes chafed. Lukas had bought them for her as a present, partly so that they could fit in better with the cosmopolitan life of Prince Gable, and partly (she thought) to salvage a piece of their childhood when he could afford to buy fancy clothes whenever he wanted. He had got the size right, at least, and the cut was fashionable. But the shimmery synthetic material itched and pleating in the skirt's waistband rubbed so much she was tempted to rip the damn thing off and walk around half-naked until she got back to their motel room and her travelling pants.

Not that her clothes were the only thing bothering her.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ennik Backstory: TN1917

Summer, TN1917

Colin Spiro pulled up his drawers, tugged on his work clothes, and tied his boots. He stood, and wordlessly put his money on the dresser.

“Gee, thanks honey. See you soon,” the prostitute said, acidly. The woman’s name was Melinda or Matilda. Colin didn’t care. He grunted a reply and affixed his gun-belt around his hips. He opened the door and stepped out of the brothel room. Colin walked downstairs past the bouncer and back into the main salon of the Oasis Saloon. Decked out in utilitarian clothes, he fit in nicely.

Ennik Backstory: TN1930

The camera was set up, and so were the lights. The man sat in darkness for a while before everything was ready. The lights went up. Ennik was sitting in a comfortable looking chair, a small table with a glass of water and an ashtray was placed to his left. He looked a little older, face a little more lined, hair a bit thinner. But his eyes still betrayed the same youthful exuberance that came with the braids of a Desert Wolf.

“State your name for the record, please,” a voice tinged with a Southern accent spoke.

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter III : Taking care of business

“OK, I still don’t get it. If there’s nothing to steal, then what are we doing here?”

Lukas gave Lyta as emphatic an expression of exasperation and annoyance as he could through the half light which showed the half of his face that still could express such things. Respecting the arithmetic of the situation, Lyta was asking for the fourth time.

“Appearances, Lyta. It has to look like we stole something.” He said tersely, modifying the same answer he had given three times before.

“Well, it’s a stupid plan,” she retorted in a brusque whisper.

Off into the sunset...metaphorically speaking?

Ennik sat astride his riding springer and smiled sadly at the three Sandrider kids. The sun was setting over the Westridge Range, and a warm breeze blew through the outskirts of town.

"Well, this is where we part ways," he began nonchalantly.


Last night's session consisted of the PCs licking their wounds and trying to pry out each others' backstories, to mixed results. Still, as we approach the tangled web of plot that is Prince Gable, at least it's good to know that our internecine struggles will provide fodder for our enemies to use against us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everyone's got a story to tell.

Ennik spat. The afternoon sun was hanging low in the valley, and things were cooling down. He watched the daks circle overhead for a second, and then looked back down at his handiwork. The Elan buggy that he and the three kids had stolen in Lance Point was not starting. He crossed his arms and frowned at the machine, mentally willing it to reveal its secret ailment.

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Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter III - Surveying the Options

The sun blazed low over the foothills of the Westridge Range as dusk settled over the valley. Lukas stared out from the roof of Frau's homestead. Now that the Gears were gone, there was no need to rush, and Frau had offered them his hospitality for the night. No doubt he expected to pump the three Koreshi for information about what life was really like among the Sand Riders, as so many had done before, and no doubt he would be disappointed come morning. Still, a bed -- or even a climate-controlled floor -- was a welcome change after a week of sleeping in the mountains.

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