Friday, June 10, 2011


Last night's session consisted of the PCs licking their wounds and trying to pry out each others' backstories, to mixed results. Still, as we approach the tangled web of plot that is Prince Gable, at least it's good to know that our internecine struggles will provide fodder for our enemies to use against us.

[Perhaps we should have thought this plan through just a little more.]
Georges the GM: "You guys are driving around with a trailer full of heavy weapons... All right! Random rover attack!"

[When you're in a CEF labor camp, your prospects aren't looking so great.]
Georges the GM: "Death was an inevitable long-term side effect."
Josh: And a short-term side effect, and a medium-term side effect..."
Georges the GM: "A versatile-term side effect."

[You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.]
Lyta: "When was the last time you made money?"
Torgath: "When we rescued that ammunition."
Brock: "We rescued the ammunition from the clutches of loneliness and set them free into the free market."

[Lukas has a sometimes interesting way of defining his plans.]
Lukas: "I had to hit you with a car to stop you from running off and spoiling my rescue."

[You know you've entered a tough area of town when...]
Bartender: "You're a funny guy. That's why I'm going to kill you last."

[Todd has a way of letting things slip that he shouldn't.]
Ennik: "How did you become Sandriders?"
Lukas: "We can't tell you. We took an oath of secrecy."
Torgath: "We passed the tests."
Lukas: "And took an oath of secrecy!"

[Ennik may have a bit of a drinking problem.]
Georges the GM: "There's a new year's party."
Josh: "Ennik gets very drunk."
Georges the GM: "For a change."

[Ennik doesn't believe Lukas' lie about our origins.]
Lukas: "What story do you want to hear, Ennik? Tell us that, and I'll tell it to you!"

[Somehow, I think we're talking at cross-purposes.]
Ennik: "Revenge has to be done right, and for the right reason."
Lukas: "Revenge is the reason."
Torgath: "He's got you there."

[It's good to know your end goals.]
Luaks: "I don't want to kill him... Okay, sometimes I do."

[We enter Prince Gable, a swinging post-war boom town.]
Josh: "Enter four country bumpkins, stage left."

[Plans are often based on contingencies.]
Torgath: "Are we gonna do both missions?"
Lukas: "We need to find out if Ennik and his friend get killed first."

[Rule #1: Never let yourself outclass your sister.]
Lukas: "Are you in your hick clothes? I'm in my fine city clothes."
Lyta: "You have city clothes?"
Lukas: "I bought city clothes!"
Lyta: "You didn't buy me city clothes?!"
Lukas: "...Here are your city clothes."

[The plot thickens! I just wish some of the affected parties were there to hear it.]
Ariel: "Wait a minute. Is he saying your dad was a collaborator?"
Julie: "Yes. Shh. You're not there."

[Ennik meets Marshal Jim Sullivan, a friend of his in Prince Gable, who reveals quite a bit of the meta-plot.]
Ennik: "Is there anything else you can tell me?"
Jim: "I probably told you too much if I sparked your interest. I was trying to scare you, boy!"

And that's it for this week. Come back in two weeks to find out the thrilling continuation! Will Ennik be hunted down by his enemies? Will Marshal Jim get killed for saying too much? Will Lukas ever stop being such a jerk? Only time will tell!

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