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Last night's session involved a murder mystery. Sort of. Mostly it involved us hunting down the CEF troops that had killed the rest of our Sand Rider tribe and rescuing the tribe's priest from their clutches. Good times, good times...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - Crushed

22 Summer, 1920

The interior of Thral Jonas' tent was dark, as always. Lyta could taste the moisture in the air, smell the flowers that bloomed only in the Godwell Valley. Jonas was meditating, and she knew better than to interrupt him. She settled herself down, cross-legged on the floor, and tried to hide her impatience. It seemed like every moment in Junira Loresh was a gift and infinitely precious. To waste it here, inside a tent as though they were out in the desert, chafed at her, especially now that the Imti'qhann had started. She longed to be watching the competitions, and part of her wished that she were out in the desert with Tarooq on his quest. But a summons from the clan's Thralan was not lightly ignored, so Lyta waited.

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (1918-1920)

10 Winter, 1918

Torgath asked me today if I could train with him on the drevis. He's only doing forms now, but he needs someone to do the counter-attacks, and Luk is busy. I never used a drevis before, but Paresh showed me how to hold it and how to do the counter-attacks so that Torgath won't hit me.

I thought the drevis forms were really beautiful. I don't think Torgath would want to hear me say that, though, because it's supposed to be weapon training. But it's also beautiful. I wonder if anyone else thinks the forms are beautiful too, or if it's just because I'm a girl. I asked Paresh if he could show me how to do them, and he said he would if it was okay with Bestha and Amaraa. I don't want to compete in the drevis forms in the Imti'qhaan. I just want to learn how to do them.

Torgath is pretty good. And Paresh is really good. I watched him doing the forms when we weren't counter-attacking and it looked like a dance.


Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - Moving Forward

03 Autumn, 1920

Jonas Breskathi sat facing the setting sun. A small breeze carried sand around in swirls over the endless dunes of the Western Desert. His face was frowning, but it eased into a smile and a slight squint for the rays of Helios when someone walked up behind him and stood quietly, waiting.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - The Great Cycle

35 Autumn, 1916

All The Bathani sat around the pyre of hollow-logs and listened to the tale of the Great Cycle that Jonas was sharing under the crescent moon. Todd was near the center of the circle; he didn’t want to miss a word of the story. At first he had taken notes, but it was explained to him that the Great Cycle - the tale which bound Koreshi history, law and prophecy into one narrative - was not meant to be written, only shared by word of mouth.

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (1917)

15 Winter, 1917

I wish I had more time for training, but there SO MUCH else to do. Especially when we're moving. Set up the tents, take down the tents. Unpack the bags, pack the bags. Find the food, cook the food, wash up from the food. I never had to do this back in Baja! And after all that, I have to set up the B'ti'atta and it still takes a really long time because it's meant for people who are taller than I am. I'm almost too tired to train when I've got it all set up, but I do it anyway because that'll make me better at the B'ti. But it's hard sometimes.

I like the times that we stay in one place for a few days. Then I can really train and practice a lot. But it seems like we're moving all the time.


From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Summer-Autumn 1916)

18 Summer, 1916

Lukas is awake. I thought it would be more exciting, but it's not. He woke up and was confused for a while and then went back to sleep. I guess I'd be confused too if the last thing I remembered was leaving Baja and then I was in a tent in the middle of the desert. He seemed pretty angry too, even when I told him that Jonas saved his life.

Jonas says I have to be quiet when I'm in Lukas' tent, even now that he's awake. So now I only whisper to Lukas when he's asleep. But Jonas says he'll be functional soon, and then I can introduce him to Bestha and Amaraa. When Lukas is awake for real, he'll know what to do. I bet he'll know how to get home.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - B'Ti

“What is it?” Her eyes narrowed slightly at the clearing in the jungle.

Amaraa smiled. He knew this tangle of branched, polished stones and hanging vines had a reason behind it, that the forms flowed from function.

Amaraa had convinced Lyta to take a walk and get away from the healer’s gathering if Bestha promised she would stay by Lukas and come get Lyta if there were any change.

“This is the first level of the B’ti. If you pass it in the standard time, you pass on to the next level.” Amaraa spread his arms to take in the dense and knotted segment of the jungle which the Koreshi had sculpted, groomed, enhanced and augmented.

“So it’s an obstacle course?” Lyta asked, showing a hint of interest. She had been worrying Amaraa and Bestha, his mate, since they had taken her on as their own a season ago. Her nightmares were frequent and powerful, and the Koreshi knew to give great weight to dreams.

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From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Spring-Summer 1916)

35 Spring, 1916

The Doctor took Lukas away. I had to beg him. He wanted to just leave Luk to die, but he's still alive. He can get better. I don't mind begging, so long as Lukas is alive. If they had a regen tank here, they could just put Luk into it and he'd be fine, but I don't think they have one. I don't think they have anything here. Just bodies.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - Bathani Ratir

37 Spring 1916, Karaq Wastes

“We have found three children, Thralan.” The rider spoke evenly though he had just ridden hard and fast; his springer showed more signs of fatigue. The Elder had heard him coming and met him outside his black tent. Other Koreshi also emerged from theirs. The Elder nodded in understanding. “There were more, yes?”

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - Dreams and Nightmares

Images flashed before his eyes, but his lids were closed.
Sounds echoed from afar, deafening but unheard.
These were the whispers of the real intruding on dreams.

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For the new Koreshi Chronicles campaign, we're playing through our backstory, with campaigns set about four cycles apart game-time. The first game, held last week, was in TN 1913, when our characters were 11-14 cycles old (or, in Earth years, 8-10). The second session, held tonight, is set in TN 1916.

Relevant details to be explained as we go.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Spring 1916)

5 Spring, 1916

There's no food left. Father says all the stores are closed because of the CEF. I don't know. I've been in the house for almost two weeks. When the attack started, Father told me to go in the basement and stay there, and I stayed there for almost two days. And then he wouldn't let me leave the house. He wouldn't let Lukas leave the house either, but Lukas never listens.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter I - Responsabilities

Winter 1914

“Well, that makes it official.”

As Donovar Lassander looked up from the latest document to receive his signature, his lawyer offered a self-effacing smile as he spoke and delicately fingered the document, sliding it back towards him across the polish hardwood desk.

“And may I add on a personal note that I find you act a very generous one,” came again the cooing sounds of the Lassanders' attorney.

Monday, March 14, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (1914-1916)

8 Autumn, 1914

In honour of Lukas finishing his driving lessons, Daddy let him take the car without a driver today. He took Todd and left super-early, even before I left for practice and were gone all day. I wanted to come with him, but he brushed me off. He said they were doing "grown up things," and I was "just a kid." Ugh! I wish he'd stop calling me that!

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter I - Indignity

05 Spring, 1916

She was in her room when she heard the door crash in. At first she thought the tower was coming down, that the shelling that had been eating away at the periphery of the city had finally started to rain down on the core district. She flew out of her room where she had been in near isolation since the invasion two weeks before. She could not stand the fighting, the violence and the indignity of it all.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter I - Percentages

21 Spring, 1916

21 Spring, 1916

He rubbed his eyes with his knuckles, they itched and his head ached. He caught his own reflection in the cracked mirror of the empty café and suddenly realized how disheveled and distraught he looked. His life had spiraled into a nightmare over the last two weeks, since the keffers invaded, since…

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Todd Shelby: Sheet


Friday, March 11, 2011

Lyta: Sheet


From the diary of Lyta Lassander

40 Summer, 1913

I'm grounded for, like, a season. I hate St. Vincent's Day. "Go to see the stoneheads," Mom said, "It'll improve your culture." I hate culture too. And I didn't even get to see the stoneheads.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter I - Battle of Baja

Winter 1916, Western Karaq Wastes

Port Baja was one of the three biggest cities of the Badlands, along with it’s neighbour Peace River and, far on the other side of the deserts and mountains, Prince Gable.

It hosted a population of between two and three hundred thousand. Established in TN 740, it was linked to the rest of Terra Nova by the Alpha Maglev and boasted the only equatorial spaceport.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Prologue - In the shadow of the Stonehead

Summer 1913, Western Karaq Wastes

The Santa Uribe glen was situated some 65 km away from the spaceport of Baja. Archaeologists had been interested in this plateau in the foothills of the Pacifica range for several hundred years. The local flora looked suspiciously cultivated, even some hundred of years after being left fallow. Some small trace tools showed that early explorers may have considered this area instead of Port Baja as an early settlement. The main attraction though, lay not in the sand or the Sapa roots. The Santa Uribe glen also harboured on of the ubiquitous yet mysterious Stoneheads of Terra Nova. As such it was a popular site for out-of-the-way tourism but mostly for the perennial school trip.

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Ammo and Weapons Summary Chart

At long last! The revised weapons chart is good to go.

Hotel Bravo

Although the Badlands Caravan Guild Compound in Khayr ad-Din has the circular layout and underground construction associated with the traditional Badlands oasis tower, the honeycomb structure which now stands as the global headquarters for the Guild grew more organically. Lacking the initial capital to build a complete facility in 1920, a modular construction was conceived to allow growth when needed. The complex is both built into the ground but also into a small hill side. This offers it both natural defence from aggression and the elements.


by John Prins

[Announcer's Voice]

"In the days of the War of the Alliance, valiant Terra Novan troops fought bravely, but to no avail. In the face of advanced Terran technology and hordes of mindless GREL supersoldiers, it looked like there was no hope for this world..."


Here it comes...
Seven stories high...
Breeeaaaattthhhiiiinnnnggg fire!!!!
It blots out the sky!!!!
And Ferretzooki....

Heavy Type - The Right Way

by John Prins

There was a wrong way, Jacob mused, and a right way. To everything.

Of course, which was which depended on the individual. In this particular case, Jacob and his parter differed. Which was, of course, perfectly all right. Peacekeeper Peijun Ba was certainly entitled to her own opinion. However, Jacob was the senior partner.

They would do things the right way.

Heavy Type - Jacob's Day

by John Prins

As far as Jacob was concerned, it was a beautiful day in Mekong. Others might differ, though, with the leaden clouds hanging over the city, heavy with the promise of rain. The kind of rain that would wash the streets clean of trash and make footing treacherous. The kind of rain that could soak you to the bone in seconds.

Most people wouldn't classify that kind of sky beautiful. It turned the city into a giant shadow and carried with it an oppressive humidity. Combined with the seasonal heat, even the best air conditioning systems surrendered under the stress.

Heavy Type - Freedom of the Press

by John Prins

The number on the door read '217'.

As far as Jacob was concerned, it was a gateway to hell.

Jacob had the undesirable job of standing guard outside the door while the forensics team went to work inside. The door was firmly closed, something that Jacob was very thankful for. He didn't share the cast-iron stomachs that the forensics team did, and he was feeling a more than a little queasy.

Heavy Type - Honor and Face

by John Prins

Piddly little shit of a Dominionite. It wasn't even a proper duel. Barehanded combat. Not a duel for military men.

Sous-Lieutenant Krieger was not pleased.

And what was the hell with the crowd? Most of them weren't even military. Somebody in the back is taking bets. Bloody damn savages. I'm surprised they aren't selling tickets. Hope they enjoy seeing their boy go home bloody.

Heavy Type - Jacob's Watch

by John Prins

When the ceremony ended, Jacob rose and took up his portion of the burden. As one, he and seven fellow officers slowly walked from the small shrine, their strides in perfect time.

The funeral for Amos J. Lee, civilian, was over.

The funeral for Sergeant Amos J. Lee, Peacekeeper, had just begun.

Heavy Type - Jacob's Bell

by John Prins

Amidst the roaring, it was a sound like a tiny bell that captured Jacob's attention.

Cycles ago, when he was still with his mentor, Jacob had first truly heard the bells. They had hung in the window of the training halls, where the wind would knock them together. After practice, the class would sit and meditate, trying to achieve calm. Their teacher told them to listen to those bells.

If you could find where the ringing of the bells ended, he had told them, and where the silence that followed began, you could center yourself. The world would fall away and you would be suspended in that fraction of time. Nothing else could intrude on that moment, if only could find it and hold on.

Heavy Type - Jacob's Walk

by John Prins

Jacob walked out of the front of his apartment building into the early morning fog. Helios hadn't risen yet, and in the darkness and mist he could barely make out the building across the road, let alone the intersection down the street. But after seven cycles of early morning walks to work, his feet new the way without needing his eyes to guide him through the twisting streets of Mekong.

Heavy Type - John Prins

Below are John Prins' Jacob Stories:

Heavy Type - Colonial Expeditionary Force Part II

HOVERTANK -Whining Death
by Janne Kemppi

Janne's translation could use some work. Edits will be made as time allows. --GameThug

In 61st century the advancements in gas turbine technology and especially in neural computing needed in control systems has enabled Earth forces finally field air cushion vehicles that are known in commonly parlance as hovertanks. They have replaced wheeled and tracked vehicles in fighting units first in Human Concordat and later in NEC and CEF.

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Heavy Type - Sologear

SOLOGEAR: Game of Armoured Solo Combat in Terra Nova
by Janne Kemppi

For the truly lonely. --GameThug

These rules have been created to depict fortunes of a single soldier in the never ending conflict raging in Terra Nova. These campaign rules are inspired by FGU's Bushido rules.

Heavy Type - Janne Kempi

Below are listed Janne Kemppi's writing:

Heavy Type


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