Thursday, March 17, 2011


For the new Koreshi Chronicles campaign, we're playing through our backstory, with campaigns set about four cycles apart game-time. The first game, held last week, was in TN 1913, when our characters were 11-14 cycles old (or, in Earth years, 8-10). The second session, held tonight, is set in TN 1916.

Relevant details to be explained as we go.

First campaign, 40 Summer, 1913

[Brock's character Lukas, the oldest of the three player characters, has just been beat up by the school bully. So when our friend Ti finds footprints leading to a desert cave, Lukas is unimpressed.]
Lukas (totally deadpan): "Oh, look. A mystery."

[In the desert cave, we find crates of supplies. One of them is coated with blood. We all find shovels and make our way deeper into the scary cave, following the blood trail. Have I mentioned we're all about 8-10 years old?]
Julie: "I'm clenching my shovel."
Georges the GM: "There's a lot of clenching going on."

[We escape alive from the cave, though Lukas has been shot. He's not in a good mood.]
Ti: "I've never seen someone get beaten up and shot in half an hour. You're my new hero!"

Second campaign, 34 Spring, 1916

[Sometimes it's nice when your NPCs have skill points.]
Georges the GM: *rolls dice* "Oh, good for her. She's much more convincing than I am. I think she breaks into tears."

[Trying to escape from the wartorn city of Baja, we run into a squad of enemy CEF soldiers. We are mostly helpless to do anything, being around 10-14 years old at this point.]
Brock: "I'm just thinking that in the other campaign, we would have wasted these fools!"

[Georges the GM tries to mollify us after our helplessness.]
Georges the GM: "You will bad-asses one day."

[Brock rolled something like four botches early in the game. So did Georges the GM. Unfortunately, they were for our NPC allies.]
Georges the GM: "I'm rolling as many botches as you."
Julie: "Can you roll them for the other guys?!"

[We're following our guide Bragga through tunnels below Baja. We come across a group of cannibalistic refugees and only narrowly escape.]
Lukas: "I wish I had a gun."
Bragga: "Being armed isn't necessarily the safest thing."
Lukas: "It's better than being eaten!"

[Emerging from the tunnels, we have two choices: go south through an active warzone or west through the potentially-mined industrial quarter.]
Ariel: "We have the hero's immunity to mines."

[It's something of a shock to go from super-powered characters like Sam and Kain to mostly-helpless pre-teens.]
Ariel: "We decided that the route we want is the one that gives us more stuff to do."

[Our guide, Bragga, has gone to scout the potentially-mined industrial quarter, leaving us with our father Donovar and Caspar the defecting Earth soldier, who speaks with a thick Russian accent. Time passes.]
Caspar: "Maybe she no come back."
Donovar: "She's coming back."
Caspar: "I no doubt she's good woman. But good woman meet mine, she no come back."

[Nothing good ever comes out of Lukas' plans.]
Julie: "I see Lukas looking like he's planning something and that worries me."

[In the end, we decide to run across an active battlefield. Bryan, a tunnel rat and formerly the school bully, has determined he's not going to let us go on alone.]
Bryan: "You guys know you're nuts, right?"
Lyta: "You're the one coming with us."

[This is what happens when you botch your dodge roll.]
Ariel: "My dodge is a botch."
Brock: "Hello, wheelchair!"

[This is what happens when you double-botch your dodge roll.]
George the GM: "The soldier's head flies off. Snake eyes is just not good ever."

[We debate who should go back to get the wounded NPCs.]
Lukas: "Ti and I should go. We're younger and fitter."
Donovar: "I'll give you younger."

[It's all in the distinctions.]
Brock: "These aren't scars. These are horrible scars."

Join us in two weeks, when we time-shift to 1920 and our characters have spent four years living with sand riders in the desert. When Brock and Ariel's characters will have their full adult ability-point builds... and mine still won't. Good times, good times.

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