Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night's session involved a murder mystery. Sort of. Mostly it involved us hunting down the CEF troops that had killed the rest of our Sand Rider tribe and rescuing the tribe's priest from their clutches. Good times, good times...

[We return to camp after a 4-day absence to find everything smoldering and most of the bodies burned by laser fire.]
Lukas: "If you want to look for Jonas' book of secret secrets, now's the time."
Todd: "There's a secret book?"
Lukas: "There might be."

[In the Heavy Gear universe, Earth's genetically-engineered super-soldiers (GRELs) have purple skin.]
Georges the GM: "The sentry is a bald, fairly attractive purple lady."
Brock: "Okay, we have no chance."

[Ariel botches his stealth roll.]
Georges the GM: "We're gonna pretend we have chips and I recommend you reroll that."

[Once is better than nothing!]
Ariel: "Once Ipshar turned invisible!"
Julie: "Just once?"
Ariel: "Yeah, but it was badass!"

[In rescuing our tribe's priest, we discover that the area we need to pass through has filled with GREL soldiers.]
Lukas: "Well, that changes things, and not positively."

[I think we might be playing with different definitions of 'good' here.]
Georges the GM: "Fighting erupts around you."
Brock: "Things are looking up!"

[We find the priest and are making our way out, only to be confronted by a couple of the GREL super-soldiers.]
Julie: "Is this where we run away?"
Brock: "Yes, I think so."

[This is sadly true.]
Brock: "When we do something, we do it right or catastrophically!"

And that's it for this week. Join us in three weeks' time when we find out what Our Heroes have been up to after two cycles of downtime.

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