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From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Spring-Summer 1916)

35 Spring, 1916

The Doctor took Lukas away. I had to beg him. He wanted to just leave Luk to die, but he's still alive. He can get better. I don't mind begging, so long as Lukas is alive. If they had a regen tank here, they could just put Luk into it and he'd be fine, but I don't think they have one. I don't think they have anything here. Just bodies.

Father's dead. The Doctor didn't even have to look at him for very long. Even I don't have to look at him very long. I think the jeep fell on him. I took his wedding ring. Maybe Lukas will want it when he wakes up. If not, I'll just keep it with Mom's, so that they can be together.

Todd's sleeping. He was on the left side of the jeep, with me. His head is hurt, but I think he's okay. I can't tell which of the blood is his and which is from the fighting, but I don't want to wake him up again to check. He woke up before and asked for water, but then he went back to sleep because I didn't have any left in my pack.

I'm so sleepy, but I need to stay awake. Someone needs to watch over Todd and Father and wait for when Lukas comes back, and I'm the only one left. Maybe I can get one of the doctors to give me cawfee. I wonder if it tastes as bad as Kenna says it does. I won't care, though, if it means I can stay awake.



36? 37? Spring, 1916

I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody. Ti and Bryan aren't on the bus. I don't know where they are, but they probably went on another bus. I asked the girl next to me where we're going and she said to a refugee camp for orphans. She looks even worse than me and Todd. Maybe Ti will be at the camp when we get there.

Lukas is all bandaged, but he's breathing. I would have thanked the Doctor but I don't know who he is and he's probably back at the field hospital anyway. I hope there are doctors at the camp. Maybe they have a regen tank.

They took Father's body away. I don't know what happened to it. I hope they buried it. I said goodbye, but Lukas didn't get to say goodbye because the Doctor took him away. I said goodbye for him.

I don't know what we'll do when we get to the camp. I don't have any money. We used to have lots of money, but Father spent it all so we could leave Baja. I heard when he was talking to Lukas. He said that Caspar is going to get all our money so he can disappear from the CEF. I don't think Caspar deserves to have our money. I think he should give it back to us, but he told Lukas that he never will.

Todd's reading something. I bet it's the one about the people in the middle of the earth again. Mom said that when they told him that his parents were dead, he didn't cry at all. I cried when Mom died. And I cried when they took Father's body away, even though I tried not to. I want to cry now, for Father, but I have to be strong in case Lukas wakes up. Maybe I'll just sleep.



2 Summer, 1916

It's been a week and Lukas still hasn't woken up. This is so stupid! Jonas says we're going to a place called Junira Loresh where there are Sand People Rider healers, but Luk doesn't need Sand People healers, he needs doctors. Real doctors who went who went to school and can give drugs and do surgery and use regen tanks! And every day we go into the desert, we go farther and farther away from them!

Jonas thinks the people in the middle of the desert can help and he won't go back to Baja. He says that Lukas needs my strength and my love so that he can heal, so I just stay here with Lukas. But he's not healing. He still hasn't woken up.

Jonas says that Lukas can hear me even though he's in a coma, so I talk to him sometimes when no one else is here in the tent with us. I tell him about the Sand People and the desert and that I love him and want him to wake up.

Bestha and Amaraa let me sleep in the tent with Lukas. The first time I slept on his left side because that's where there's more space. I woke up in the middle of the night because of nightmares and all I could see were the bandages and I started to scream until Amaraa came and got me. I felt so stupid! So now I sleep on the right side, even if it's right up against the wall of the tent. I can almost pretend that Lukas is just sleeping that way, and not in a coma.

I wish Luk would wake up. He'd know what to do.



13 Summer, 1916

Todd says his name is Torgath now. He really likes he here. He wears Sand Rider clothes and eats their food even though it's disgusting. He says that the yellow stuff is called kraan sap and wants me to eat it, but it smells so bad. Bestha makes me flatbread and gives me fruits and nuts and sometimes roasted meat. Sometimes I even feel like eating. But not usually. Usually I just want Luk to wake up.

I want to go home. I want to be with Mom and Father and Lukas back in our house in Baja. I want the CEF to have never come.

I still talk to Lukas when we're not moving and the Sand Riders set up the tents. When we move on the animals, they drag Lukas behind us on a sled. Jonas says it's so he doesn't get bounced around too much. I wish they wouldn't because he looks dead when they're dragging him like that. When we're travelling and I can't talk to Lukas, I whisper to Mom and Father's wedding rings. I know it's stupid, but maybe the wedding rings can tell their spirits where we are so that they won't lose us. I have no idea where we are, but maybe spirits know.

Bestha and Amaraa won't let me sleep with Lukas anymore. They say it gives me nightmares. But I get nightmares anyway, even when I'm in their tent. So now I sleep with them and stay in Luk's tent during the day, except when we're moving. I keep waking up screaming in the middle of the night, and I tell Bestha that I'm sorry because she's not my mom and I don't want to keep waking her up. She says it's okay, but I can see she's so tired.

I'm so tired too. I want to go home.


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