Thursday, August 15, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Intra-lingual

32 Autumn, 1926

Lukas walked into Gabriel’s spare bedroom to find his sister cross-legged on the bed, facing the window, hunched over something on her lap. A slim headphone fitted snugly in her ear, and for a moment she was completely oblivious to his presence. One hand trailed along the stitches of the quilted mattress, the other hovered over whatever was in her lap. He waited at the door a moment, watching her, bemused that she should be so engrossed by a task that involved no movement.

He cleared his throat.

Lyta’s head snapped up and she grasped the object in her lap closer. Lukas stepped into the room to get a better angle on it. “Are you… reading?” he asked at last.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Leaping into Trouble

31 Autumn, 1926, 15:00

Lyta wasn’t sure what morbid fascination it was that brought her back to the Oxford Institute for Physical Advancement. Maybe it was nostalgia for a life she lost when she was only a child. Maybe it was masochism, watching the elite gymnasts while knowing that she could never compete on their level. Maybe it was a desire, on some level, to know the competition, not that she would ever consider the athletes in the gymnasium below her truly ‘competition.’ She was half-curious what Doc Chambers might think of the entire thing. No doubt he’d have something clinical and unwanted to say on the subject.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : The Problems of Others

Merchant Circle, Tessier Rd, Oxford SW6

“'Well, I’ve got a problem with this,' the bugger says to me. 'Yeah?' I replied feigning shock, 'Well, it's all edible except for the tail!'”

The six people assembled around the makeshift bar in the back of Okran Radsley’s shop erupted into laughter. The loudest of them was Okran himself. He was sitting with his back to the wall and saw Lukas enter shortly after he actually had. With an offer of another round in his absence he excused himself as someone else segued into another anecdote.

“Any problems, mates?” Okran asked, still smiling.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : Bread crumbs

NGIS Field Report # 5546-A01-45
Summary: POI at KAD Meredine Fundraiser (Re: Anders Von breslau threat 16.SU.26)

Subject: Mr. Quinn, a.k.a. Lukas, Smith, etc...
Description: Scared face, 190+ cm, 108 kg, fair hair, blue eyes, Sandrider?
Known Affiliations: Kolsons cartel, Desert Wolves, Forzi Cartel, BCG, PX Couriers,  
Key related cases: Tantalus, YMC break in, 3 Missing Jaguars, Agent G. Summers Sr., 

Subject: Ms. Kes, a.k.a. Lyta, etc...
Description: 165 cm, 52 kg, fair hair, blue eyes, Sandrider?
See # 22 for related info

Subject: Mr. Grimm, Dr Grimm, Dirk Dark, Grimm Doc, Torgath, etc...
Description: 180 cm, 75 kg, Brown hair, hazel eyes, Sandrider?
See # 22 for related info

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : Longnight


To: Holly Hopkyns
Subject: Project Desert Night
Security: ULTRAVIOLET - For Your Eyes Only -

----------------------------------------HIRA Secure communication-----------------------

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Knowing Your Enemy

28 Autumn, 1926

Lyta kept a lookout behind them as they pulled away from the distribution centre. The roads were perfectly smooth and flat; they moved without a sound above the hum of the engine. Lukas, to his credit, was doing an excellent job driving like he knew where they were going, but Lyta was pretty sure he didn’t. He hadn’t had time to set up safehouses in Oxford yet. Certainly he didn’t have any safe houses big enough for a 20-foot stolen shipping crate.

She grumbled to herself. Bhakir and his people had been ahead of them at every step. It was, she grudgingly admitted, an exceptionally well-planned op. They’d had the trackers, the correct redirection papers, the key and pass-code to enter the crate, a means of overriding the systems at the distribution depot, a getaway vehicle, and plenty of manpower. She wished that she had that kind of resource allocation at her disposal.


What happens when two hostile forces both try to take control of a shipping crate from its rightful owner? And what happens when those hostile forces are trying their very best not to make it seem like anything is wrong? Last night's session, that's what.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


A belated post, but I blame that on being unable to access a decent keyboard for two weeks. In any event, last session saw Our Heroes (tm) begin the slippery slope to deviancy in the Humanist Alliance. Yay!

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