Friday, August 9, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : Bread crumbs

NGIS Field Report # 5546-A01-45
Summary: POI at KAD Meredine Fundraiser (Re: Anders Von breslau threat 16.SU.26)

Subject: Mr. Quinn, a.k.a. Lukas, Smith, etc...
Description: Scared face, 190+ cm, 108 kg, fair hair, blue eyes, Sandrider?
Known Affiliations: Kolsons cartel, Desert Wolves, Forzi Cartel, BCG, PX Couriers,  
Key related cases: Tantalus, YMC break in, 3 Missing Jaguars, Agent G. Summers Sr., 

Subject: Ms. Kes, a.k.a. Lyta, etc...
Description: 165 cm, 52 kg, fair hair, blue eyes, Sandrider?
See # 22 for related info

Subject: Mr. Grimm, Dr Grimm, Dirk Dark, Grimm Doc, Torgath, etc...
Description: 180 cm, 75 kg, Brown hair, hazel eyes, Sandrider?
See # 22 for related info


Katerina Kazzov sat upright in her plush executive chair. Her first impulse was to slam the intercom to call Clarice and get Gustafson in here now to explain this but she held her outburst in check. She felt her cheeks were warm and for a moment she was startled she could still be annoyed or surprised.

After that momentary outburst she found her concentration again. She called up the after-action report Colonel Gustafson had submitted in the wake of the Nazarene battle. Her eyes scanned the dtaa she had reviewed a half-cycle ago. ‘This is Captain Wesley to Colonel Gustafson, mission debrief follows, over’ That was the last transmission from Gustafson’s man leading the mercenaries before the Ezekiel’s engines went critical. 

Katerina had been assured that no one had survived the encounter. Moreover, her last trideo feed had Quinn, Kes and Doc Grimm in the mine when she brought down on them and Wallcraft. No, there was no where to shift the blame for this, she had failed to eliminate this threat and The Bear would see the same report she was reading, in fact, he had probably seen it first. 

With the last of the Bear’s Kolson agents now dead and Virgil somehow getting killed in Khayr ad-Din...’Ah’ She thought to herself. She now had a working theory on what had happened to her agent and Kinross, Quinn was in Khayr ad-Din. She felt another flush she recognised as frustration which she suppressed. She would have to send out word. Quinn and his team had to be found and eliminated at all costs.  



Gabrielle finished the field report in case there was other information in it. She was pissed off at herself. She should have know there would be a POI report. Now her efforts to cover Torgath’s tracks were all for naught. 

“Stupid, stupid, stupid” she whispered to herself. He and his team were in danger. She took her personal tablet out, activated her encryption protocol and started the lengthy process of re-routing the data through various shunts and portals so it wouldn’t be traced. She found the virtual dead-drop she had arranged with Torgath and hesitated. This was treason. It was a betrayal of her agency and her government and if it were ever discovered she would disappear, just like her father had. She swallowed past a lump in her throat, treason or not, this was right.

‘Dear Torgath, 

The NGIS have officially reactivated your status and there is a BOLO  for you so keep your head down. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.


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