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A belated post, but I blame that on being unable to access a decent keyboard for two weeks. In any event, last session saw Our Heroes (tm) begin the slippery slope to deviancy in the Humanist Alliance. Yay!

[It's always good to have a plan.]
Lukas: "New plan: 3 of 5 will bypass the security systems in the sewers."
Torgath: "Can we know what the next step of the plan it?"

[Recall that our mission is to steal a flash drive from Krak Bhakir's caravan. Which is guarded.]
Lyta: "What do we do with any guards inside?"
Lukas: "We'll have to incapacitate them."
Torgath: "Do we still have our ceramic knives?"
Lukas: "Ceramic knives are not the same as incapacitation."

[Weapons can be such improvisational things.]
Ariel: "Tonfas are probably illegal, but broom handles are not."
Georges the GM: "Correct."
Ariel: "So I get a broom handle poke stick. Two of them."

[Torgath wants to figure out how to spray aerosol chloroform into the longrunners. Sadly, Gabriel still isn't 100% on board with this plan, so Torgath has to be evasive.]
Torgath: "Let's say, hypothetically, I really wanted a room to smell nice..."

[The plan is to access the longrunners via a manhole cover underneath one of them, which means going through the sewers.]
Ariel: "I take shin protectors for the venomous snakes."
Brock: "We're the venomous snakes! That's the whole point of this!"

[We must be careful in our planning, as always.]
Georges the GM: "You never know who's listening. If you think the NSA is bad, HIRA is a whole different level."

[Plans are such fluid things.]
Lukas: "This is a good plan."
Lyta: "Yes. Things will inevitably go horribly wrong, but still a good plan."

[The access point to the sewers is in some public bathrooms.]
Georges the GM: "You awkwardly make your way to the bathroom. Somewhere, a HIRA guy scoffs, 'Ha! Constipated.'"

[The plan begins.]
Ariel: (singing) "Crawl, crawl, crawl through the sewers..."
Brock: "Crawl?"
Ariel: "Walk, walk, walk through the sewers..."

[We access the first longrunner. The plan is to pump it with just enough carbon monoxide to knock out anyone inside. The problem is that there are four longrunners, and they're all designed with redundancy systems to stop precisely this sort of thing from happening.]
Julie: "So we have to take out both redundancy systems before we bring up the tube?"
Georges the GM: "Yup."
Julie: "And if we choose wrong, we get to do it again."
Georges the GM: "Uh-huh!"

[Our actions in taking out the redundancy systems alert the attention of some patrolling guards.]
Brock: "Any obvious stones around we can throw?"

[Never doubt the potential of improvisational tools.]
Ariel: "Next time we do a job here, I'm gonna bring along a bag of cats. We've already had three possible uses for them!"

[While Lyta and Torgath are disabling the redundancy systems, Lukas and Gabriel are in the sewers, with the nasty creatures that live therein.]
Joe: "We're about to get attacked by crocodiles, aren't we?"
Brock: "Well, you are."

[Gabriel is indeed attacked by a crocodile. He is not wearing any armor.]
Julie: "Why do we keep letting Joe come in with unarmored characters?! Did he lose an arm?"
Georges the GM: "More like a leg."
Julie: (to Joe) "You're now a liability again, you know that?"

[Gabriel has been seriously wounded in the leg by the crocodile bite. Georges the GM decides to be kind and give Lukas a chance to stop him from screaming.]
Georges the GM: "Roll your initiative."
Brock: "Five."
Georges the GM: "Excellent. Roll your notice."
Brock: "Three."
Georges the GM: "...Oof."

[Lukas does not stop Gabriel from screaming.]
Julie: "This will cause complications."
Ariel: "How loud is it?"
Georges the GM: (pointedly, to Joe) "Yes, how loud is it?"

[Gabriel and Lukas engage in combat with the crocodile.]
Georges the GM: "Roll initiative."
Joe: "Botch."
Brock: "That's perfectly reasonable."
Georges the GM: "You can do nothing but agonize. You are now permitted to say, through muffled hands, 'Crikey!'"

[Gabriel has succumbed to the pain in his leg.]
Georges the GM: (to Joe) "You feel a deep, profound sense of failure."
Brock: "As you should."
Georges the GM: "And also deep shame at allowing this bodily pain to overcome you."

[Of course, unbeknownst to the PCs, Gabriel's combat hypno-programming hasn't entirely been erased. Sadly, there's only a specific set of circumstances in which it'll kick in. We hypothesize as to what it might be.]
Brock: "You need to hear four gunshots in a row."
Georges the GM: "Possibly just one whizzing bullet."
Julie: "Wait for it -- one of the guards has a sawed-off shotgun."

[Speaking of the guards, they've heard what's happening. Lukas decides to take advantage of the confusion.]
Lukas: "Citizen, we require your immediate assistance!"
Guard: "...?"

[Lukas' summons at least got the guards in attackable position. Lyta rolls really, really well on her attack.]
Georges the GM: "The guard collapses like a watermelon."
Ariel: "The guard on me noticed that, of course?"
Georges the GM: "..."

[Meanwhile, Gabriel is still dealing with the effects of his wounds.]
Ariel: "Someone should really give him anti-venom."
George the GM: "Oh, right. Make a health check."

[Lukas delivers first aid to Gabriel.]
Brock: "Ah, sweet relief. Drugged and sedated, your natural state..."

[We knock out the two patrolling guards and lower them into the sewers.]
Lukas: (to Gabriel) "Watch these two. Don't let them get eaten by crocodiles."

[From the department of running jokes...]
Julie: "You can never go wrong with a miniature blow-torch."
Ariel: "You can never go wrong with a bagful of cats!"

[We have taken out three longrunners, and while we've found a safe, we still haven't found Bhakir.]
Brock: "We'll gas this truck a little extra-extra, 'cause we haven't found dude-guy yet."

[After gassing the fourth longrunner...]
Georges the GM: "The fourth truck is entirely empty."
Brock: "Where the fuck does this guy sleep?!"

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Gabriel are working to open the safe they found.]
Joe: "Is there any experience in the safe?"

[In the safe is the flash drive we were looking for, and also a PDA.]
Lukas: "Give Torgath the flash drive."
Torgath: "Can we copy it?"
Lukas: "We own it."

[On the PDA is a readout of three columns and twenty rows. Georges the GM draws it out for us. Sadly, Julie is smarter than Lyta.]
Julie: "Oh, interesting. Lyta would not figure out that's heart rate and blood pressure."
Georges the GM: "No, she wouldn't."

[There's also a countdown on the PDA.]
Ariel: "So we have a half-hour left?"
Brock: "Or 180 combat rounds."

[And yet more from the department of running jokes.]
Ariel: "You know what would be useful now?"
Julie: "What?"
Ariel: "A bag of cats."
Brock: "Wow, if we had a bag, we could have a bag of cats, if we had cats."

[It turns out the twenty things being tracked on the PDA are most likely drugged or sedated Koreshi, and they're in a shipping crate about to be sent to Gardena. We try to intervene.]
Lukas: "I think we need a distraction."
Georges the GM: "That's your cue, Ariel. Oh, wait, you don't have a bag of cats!"

[Lukas steps in with his amazing lying skills to tell the shipping crate delivery operator that he's been relieved because his efficiency stats are not up to snuff.]
Lukas: "No remedial activity other than rest has been prescribed."
Shipping Crate Operator: "Oh. Thank you. I will do it excellently. I will be perfectly rested!"

And that's it for this time! Join us in just a few days for the thrilling continuation!

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