Friday, May 26, 2017

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: Before the Storm

They didn’t have much time. It never seemed like they had much time, but now it was particularly short. Ti’s train would leave within the hour, the first stage of the op was imminent, and there was still plenty to prep before they hit stage two.

Still. If they only had a few minutes, they had both wordlessly decided that they would spend it together. Ti leaned against a wall on the far side of the room from most of the activity, and Lyta leaned against him, her head against his chest. She let his arms envelop her, strong and secure. “I don’t like this plan,” she murmured.

He stroked her arm. “It’s not a great plan,” he agreed. “But it’s the best one we’ve got.”

“I know.” She hated to admit it. If they had only a few more days, she was sure that Lukas could come up with something better. Something less risky, less dangerous, more assured. But they didn’t have a few more days. In a few more days, the infection might already have started to spread to Junira Loresh. She closed her eyes, trying not to think about it.


Calamity! And just when everything was going so well, too. Our Heroes (tm) better get a move on, or all of Terra Nova might pay the price…

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


One more betabel down! This week, Our Heroes (tm) kidnap Katerina Kazzov from her private plane and race to gather as much information as they can before her webble fries her brain. But things can never go smooth…

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