Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eye of the Storm

Calmly, Maia Kessler bid goodnight to Colonel Lenaris, Milani Dubeau-Slovenski, and her erstwhile colleagues. Calmly, she gathered up her notes. Calmly, she called for the elevator and took it to the floor of her temporary office.

She walked past mostly empty offices and a few occupied ones -- Paxsec officers working late on some important assignment or another. Calmly, she keyed her security code and closed the door behind her. With barely a glance out at the hallway, she closed the blinds. Calmly, she sat down at her desk, pulled out her white noise and static generator and thumbed it on. Calmly, she checked her bug detector to ensure that no new devices had been added in the last day or so, and calmly put it away when she was certain there weren't any.

Then she put her head in her hands and started to cry.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The plot thickened in last night's session, as Our Heroes (tm) traveled deep into the slums of Peace River and discovered yet more actors in the convoluted web of political players. On the up-side, we managed to avoid getting ourselves killed, which is always useful.

28 October 2010 The Plot Thickens

Thursday, October 28, 2010

7mm Colonial

The 7mm Colonial is Terra Nova's most ubiquitous cartridge, and not by accident. When the planet was first colonized, the settlers brought with them a powerful and flexible multi-role bullet. Given the hostility of Terra Nova's indigenous species, and faced with long supply lines and limited cargo space, it was essential that the colonists be able to produce their own ammunition and with less than sophisticated facilities.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pillow talk

The door clicked shut as Maia closed it, softly, carefully. The lights were out on the main floor of the house. Maia checked her watch and sighed -- late, much later than she'd wanted. Tanya would undoubtedly be asleep, and odds were good that Celina would have nodded off waiting for her to get home. But between the debriefings and the paperwork, what could she have done? Lenaris wanted answers, and she'd spent most of the evening at Paxsec headquarters, formal evening gown and all, pouring over surveillance videos and copied documentation.

The Prodigal Son

Tom had walked from the transit station through the square and into the Chapter building in a bit of a daze. His body was on autopilot as his mind replayed the events of the last days trying to distil avenues of investigation from the mass of details and encounters.

The door was locked to the Guild offices; Tom looked at his watch and found it was late, very late. He punched in the security code which let him in and was soon fumbling with the security alarm when he realised it was not armed. His autopilot switched off, Tom became aware of his actions as well as his surroundings for the first time since he had left Mme Hiro on the first terrace.

The office was dark and quiet, only the wall sconces gave faint illumination. He strained his eyes and ears and drew his compact pistol. He made no sound on the carpet as he moved forward. He couched low behind office furniture and stayed out of the minimal light. He immediately found what his instincts told him was there, another person lay quietly in the shadows.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

SNS News Update
Helen Luka, Special Correspondent
Peace River, 22 Spring, TN1935

Violence marred the gala reception of the Free Emirates delegation in Peace River last night. Six assassins impersonating waitstaff drew weapons and rushed the gala's head table, attempting to kill Free Emirate representative Victorya Hiro. Through the quick actions of Paxton and Eastern security personnel, the assailants, identified as agents of Eastern Patriarch Oliver Masao, were stopped. One civilian was killed and another wounded by gunfire. Hiro commented that "this violence is endemic to the cruel rule of Patriarch Oliver Masao. The Free Emirates rejects his madness and seeks a peaceful solution to the rebellion, one which respects the rights of all."

Eastern Sun Emirate Ambassador Tapa Shan denied the men were Patriarchal agents, saying that "this is a blatant lie designed to besmirch the name of His Eminence Patriarch Masao."

Peace River officials have not commented on the security breach.

As per your request

--Trevin Vemeer, 24 Spring, TN1935

Executive Summary:

While most 3rd Terrace organized crime (such as it exists) falls under the Forzi domain. The Badlands Quarter is a notable exception. A street gang called the Saracens, led by one Kally Laing, rose to dominate other street gangs by 1933. However, in the last two seasons the Badlands Quarter underground has changed significantly, as Laing's group has come to control the organized crime operations in the Quarter itself. Why the Forzi have not been as proactive as usual is unknown, though growing violence has occurred between the Forzi and Saracens as the Forzi attempt to regain control of the Quarter.


For the first time since... well, probably since I joined the game, all the player characters were pulling in the same direction today. And look out, world! We can actually get stuff accomplished when we're all pulling in the same direction! Who'd a thunk it? Today was also a day I routinely found myself in hysterical laughter. Which means it must be time for quotes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Raising the dead

Rowan Ng was not a name oft spoken off, but in some circles its utterance provoked knowing whispers. He had had a long and largely nebulous career, but in that small circle of people who watched, pursued or hired capable assassins, the name had a solid reputation.

Doctor Chambers was making some discreet inquiries about Rowan Ng. He had some caravaners keep they’re ears to the ground for word of him, he tried to get hold of the Forzi cartel to find out what they knew about the independent killer for hire.

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