Friday, April 29, 2016


This week saw more planning for the Yele job and the arrival of a complicating factor in the form of the NGIS, which may be about to make things go… not smooth.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Back to the lands of genetic research! This week, Our Heroes (tm) returned to Yele to plan a data raid on the Yele Medical Complex. Except things, as usual, turned out to be more complicated than expected…

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: Why We Fight - Part 1

Fennec sauntered into the lab which she had become overly familiar with the day before in a way that which only combat can sear into one’s mind. Ti had told her she was to meet with Isabella Damosa. She knew this was part of his objective to bring her deeper into the fold, but beyond the vague sense of his goal, she didn’t know what to expect. Was this going to be an intelligence briefing? Should she take notes? Was she going to have to learn dead drops or secret passwords? She had no clue.

She found the Isabella working on cleaning up some of the damage that had occurred and waved at her. The GREL looked at her dispassionately and nodded. She then pointed her guest to a bench and sat down herself. Fennec waited for the GREL set the tone of the exchange.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: The Big Picture

It was a roadside homestead frequented by caravans but also a destination for locals and not-so-locals who came from hundreds of klicks around for the ‘best barnabe back ribs in the Badlands’.

The summer sun was setting. Nicosa Renault sat at the back of the veranda and watched it wane. The crowd was starting to pick up, no doubt for the band setting up on the stage at the far end of the parking area. Smoke billowed up from the barbecue pit and a friendly waiter topped off her lemonade as he cleared her dish of discarded bones.

A tall Badlander strode up in a long duster, his features shadowed by the setting sun at his back.

“Mission accomplished?” Nicosa asked as she used a cloth to wipe her hands.

“Scratch one more bad guy,” came Kain’s reply.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter X: Ripples of Regret

Ti found her in the bathroom, a stiff-bristled brush in her right hand, leaning over a basin of cloudy water. Her fingers were already scrubbed pink, as was her face. The only trace of blood that remained from their encounter at the lab was under her fingernails, and she attacked them with the intensity of a battlefield commander.

Ti leaned against the doorframe and watched her. She had been tight-lipped since they’d returned to the hotel and changed out of their blood-stained clothes. She had returned his kisses with only the most perfunctory of pecks. He worried about her.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Return of the Death Watch! This week, Our Heroes (tm) valiantly fought off an attack on the secret GREL research lab. And fought amongst each other. Because why fight an external enemy when you can have infighting at the same time?

Friday, April 8, 2016


Time for some earth-shattering kabooms! This week, Our Heroes (tm) precipitated a shootout between the NGIS, the local Lyonnesse authorities, and a bunch of armored car escorts. Because why have controlled violence when you can have uncontrolled violence!

Friday, April 1, 2016


Setting plans in motion! This week, Our Heroes (tm) starting putting the pieces in motion for what we hope will be the ultimate takedown of the Bear. Step 1: Lukas gets the luxury treatment while Fennec spends a day trapped in a box.

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