Friday, April 1, 2016


Setting plans in motion! This week, Our Heroes (tm) starting putting the pieces in motion for what we hope will be the ultimate takedown of the Bear. Step 1: Lukas gets the luxury treatment while Fennec spends a day trapped in a box.

[After establishing the plan in broad brush-strokes last week, the players spend another hour putting on the final details as the session begins this week.]
Brock: “Okay, is everyone good with the plan?”
Zac: “…What’s the plan?”

[Note that this op is very, very expensive. Not only do we need to put together the two million marks for Lukas to open an account at the DN Bank, Ti has also needed to get together additional millions of marks’ worth of Paxton stock and of gold.]
Ti Corovan: “A few weeks ago I had to run a separate op just to raise funds to finance this one.”
Fennec: “Is that operational speak for ‘I had to rob a bank’?”
Ti Corovan: “More like a piece of art, but yes.”

[Even with all our careful planning, there’s a chance that we will lose some of our millions of invested marks.]
Fennec: “Easy come, easy go, right?”
Ti Corovan: “Well, the gold wasn’t easy to come by, so hopefully it’ll go hard.”

[As the first step of the op, we need to ensure that NGIS agent extraordinaire Dawn knows we’re in town. We know she’s surveilling Mads, so we have Fennec pay him a visit.]
Zac: “Have we told Mads about the op?”
Brock: “Technically he’s not in on the op. He’s an elaborate form of bait.”

[It may yet come to pass that we need Mads for this op. But not yet.]
Georges the GM: “Mads is a better hacker than Oscar, but Oscar has other life skills.”
Julie: “He’s charming. And can walk.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas goes to the very exclusive DN bank to set up an account.]
Georges the GM: “You’re greeted by a man who’s too muscled to be a simple receptionist but too well-dressed to be simple security.”
Brock: “I flash him a winning smile.”
Georges the GM: “He’s immune.”

[Lukas meets with Theodore, an account manager. Note that the only reason Lukas is able to open an account is because his father, Donovar Lassander, used to have an account with DN Bank.]
Theodore the Banker: “Do you have any ID on you, sir?”
Brock: “…I prepared for this.”

[For once, Lukas is both undisguised and using his own name.]
Brock: “I’m gonna open an account in my own name.”
Zac: “With all of Ti’s money.”
Brock: “It does have a particular appeal.”
Zac: “He’s placing a lot of trust in you.”
Brock: “Or none.”

[Lukas also opens a safety deposit box and is taken down to the vault.]
Brock: “What if I wanted to rob this place?”
Georges the GM: “The hallways look bare, but you’re sure they’re full of sensors, pressure plates, infrared…”
Brock: “What if I wanted to storm it?”

[A senior account manager takes Lukas to the vault.]
Account Manager: “Discretion is this bank’s highest… second-highest priority.”
Zac: “Among our highest priorities are…”

[More on the vault.]
Ariel: “If you’re a good enough customer, you can keep stuff in the bank as long as you want.”
Julie: “You’re not that good a customer.”

[As part of our op, we need to get a sense of the bank’s armored car service. Among other things, Lukas asks for three different cars to transport his crate of gold, playing an elaborate shell game against the ‘people’ who are surveilling him.]
Georges the GM: “They’re very compliant. Millions of dollars will buy that.”

[Lukas discovers that Donovar Lassander still has an active safety-deposit box. To access it, he’ll need some proof that Donovar is actually dead.]
Brock: “What do we have in terms of death evidence?”
Georges the GM: “Nothing. It’s never come up.”

[As Lukas sets up his account, Fennec is preparing her own part of the plan.]
Georges the GM: “Fennec is working on the box to make sure she can survive for a day in it.”

[Fennec’s part of the plan involves hiding in the bank’s vault, in a crate of gold with a false bottom, and then sneaking out at night to hack the wireless receiver on Lukas’ safe-deposit box.]
Lukas: (to bank manager) “I’ll want the crate transported in tomorrow morning.”
Julie: “You don’t want to bring it in the afternoon?”
Brock: “I’m concerned about its security – we have to sell the story.”
Julie: “It’s just a matter of how long you wanna keep Fennec in it.”
Zac: “Oh – please don’t phrase it that way! I’ll be in there forever!”

[Fennec hacks the wireless receiver, after a few harrowing moments where failure seems all-too-certain.]
Georges the GM: (to Zac) “You have successfully completed your portion of the op.”
Brock: “Yay!”
Zac: “I didn’t let down the team!”
Brock: “Let’s not go so far.”

[The next day, Lukas prepares to return to the bank. Coming with him this time will be Ti disguised as Torgath, currently among the UMF’s most wanted and definitely on the NGIS’s hit list.]
Lukas: “Oh, yeah, Dawn might shoot you as soon as we leave the hotel. Wouldn’t that be interesting?” *smirks*
Lyta: *glares*

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