Friday, April 8, 2016


Time for some earth-shattering kabooms! This week, Our Heroes (tm) precipitated a shootout between the NGIS, the local Lyonnesse authorities, and a bunch of armored car escorts. Because why have controlled violence when you can have uncontrolled violence!

[We pick up where we left off last session.]
Zac: “I did my part of the plan, right?”
Georges the GM: “Yup. Now all you need to do is not die in the box.”

[On the topic of Fennec’s box…]
Georges the GM: “You load your golden Fennec into the armored car…”

[We prepare for the final phase of the op.]
Zac: “The real suspense here is seeing how Lukas screws Ti on this. Where’s my popcorn?”

[The armored cars make their way to the underpass where we have determined the shootout should happen.]
Georges the GM: “Everything seems pretty kill… chill.” *shifty eyes*

[Indeed, within moments of the armored cars showing up, so do the local authorities.]
Zac: “It is gonna kick off, isn’t it?”
Brock: “Thankfully we’re there to help it kick off.”

[The team kicks things off via the expedient of firing at the two sides squaring off from the cover of some nearby buildings.]
Ariel: “Can I shoot as well?”
Georges the GM: “I don’t think that anyone thought to give Torgath a weapon.”

[Combat ensues. And escalates. Quickly.]
Georges the GM: “Whatever the bank was prepared for, it wasn’t two armored cars, two hoppers, and a cadre of Gears.”

[Meanwhile, back with Fennec…]
Georges the GM: “In your little box, it’s gone from a long, boring, quiet time, to a little motion, to a lot of motion, and then everything goes Inception on you.”

[Combat continues to ensue. And now, with a third faction!]
Ariel: “So the matte black Jaguars going to town are the NGIS?”
Georges the GM: “That would be a safe assessment.”

[Lyta and Nadya, one of Ti’s kin, have exfiltrated to a safe house together. Recall that Nadya also has a crush on Ti.]
Georges the GM: “Nadya asks Lyta casually…”
Zac: “’How would you like to die?’”

[More with Lyta and Nadya.]
Georges the GM: “Nadya only has one thing to say.”
Brock: “’You hurt Ti, imma cut you, bitch!’”
Georges the GM: “Essentially.”

[What Nadya actually says…]
Nadya: “I know your history, so I think you’ll take this the way I mean it. If you hurt Ti, I’ll make sure you spend the rest of your days in a CEF diamond mine.”

[Lyta contemplates her response.]
Georges the GM: “Lyta’s considerably more well-adjusted than Nadya.”
Zac: “And you took the only thing she had from her.”
Brock: “That makes her and Lukas natural allies.”
Zac: “That’s a scary thought.”

[Back with Lukas, Ti, and Fennec, combat has finally wound down.]
Ariel: “How many bank employees died because of our stupid plan?”
Georges the GM: “Hard to say, but you do see a number of ambulances.”

[Lukas and Ti are cuffed and taken to the NGIS temporary headquarters in a local coffee shop. Waiting for them is Gabrielle Summers, aka Dawn, aka Torgath’s ex-girlfriend. Note that an integral part of this op was to get the NGIS to temporarily think that Ti was Torgath. However, Ti has since removed his disguise and looks once more like himself.]
Georges the GM: “Gabrielle notices you, and the look on her face goes from self-assured superiority, to slight confusion, to rage.”

[Conversation begins as was essentially inevitable.]
Lukas: “Lawyer.”
Gabrielle Summers: “You are, of course, entitled to a lawyer. However, under the anti-terrorism protocols, I’m authorized to detain you for an indefinite period of time before you are charged, at which point representation will be provided for you.”
Lukas: “Based on this scene, the only terrorists seem to be the people who shot up my armored car.”

[Recall that Fennec is still in the crate that is supposedly full of gold.]
Gabrielle Summers: “The goods you are transporting are in your armored car?”
Lukas: “They are.”
Gabrielle Summers: “And the contents are?”
Lukas: “Sealed. Propriety.”

[The charade continues.]
Lukas: “Madam, I’m not sure who you’re used to dealing with – pick-pockets, grifters, street thugs – that you think you can intimidate me like this…”

[While being questioned, it becomes clear that the chief FIA officer has been in touch with other people we used to know.]
FIA Chief: “Are you aware you and your sister are wanted for questioning in Thebes?”
Lukas: “Yes. There was an intellectual property issue.”

[Gotta hand it to Lukas – he never breaks character.]
Lukas: “I’m certain the bank will be taking this up with the relevant authorities. This is not the level of treatment their reputation has led me to expect.”

[Summers can’t resist getting one last barb in.]
Gabrielle Summers: “I’m sure we won’t cross paths again. Good day to you. Oh, and say hello to Torgath for me.”

[Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Torgath slips in to try to access the NGIS’s databanks from their mobile command unit.]
Georges the GM: “You see suited guys… other suited guys… a whole variety of suited guys.”

[Torgath prepares for his approach.]
Ariel: *rolls 9 on social camouflage*
Georges the GM: “You… are now an FIA agent.”

[Torgath sets himself up at one of the multiple computers in the command center. There’s another agent there, also working at a terminal.]
FIA Agent: “Hey, any coffee left?”
Torgath: “…”
Ariel: “I did roll a 9 on social camouflage.”
Georges the GM: “And it’s holding out for now. Until you actually have to interact with anyone.”

[The agent is bored, and Torgath is an easy target.]
FIA Agent: “You ever seen shit like this before? I mean, there were the food riots, back in the day. They were… you know.”
Torgath: “How were the food riots?”
Brock: “From a certain stick-banging, riot-shielded point of view, they were awesome!”

[Torgath and the agent have a decently long conversation, mostly because Torgath lets the agent do all the talking.]
FIA Agent: “Y’know, kid, embrace your youth. Embrace peacetime. It’s a great time to be a cop.”

[More conversation between Torgath and the FIA agent.]
FIA Agent: “You seen our incident commander? The NGIS ice queen?”
Torgath: “No, I haven’t had the chance. I’ve heard about her, though.”
FIA Agent: “Oh, it’s worth it. Just watch the wake behind her. I bet this is just a typical Monday for her. Some girls…”

[Recall that the incident commander, Gabrielle Summers, is Torgath’s ex-girlfriend who now hates him for having confessed to killing her father.]
FIA Agent: “This woman, she’s on the war path.”
Brock: “I wouldn’t want to be her target!”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Nadya are watching the incident unfold on TV broadcast.]
Announcer: “The FIA is reporting this as a financial crime.”
Brock: “The only crime that matters!”

[Eventually, everyone reconvenes at the airport.]
Brock: “I do a detailed inspection of the crate. And by ‘me’, I mean ‘somebody else’.”

[Lukas summarizes everything that has happened over the last two sessions.]
Lukas: “That went… basically as planned.”

[We leave Lyonnesse and start making our way to Jan Mayen.]
Brock: “GRELs need gold too. And I need a hovertank.”

[We reflect on the fact that we are, once more, going to Jan Mayen.]
Ti Corovan: “I know being around GRELs makes Lyta uncomfortable, but it’s a safe place to plan the next stage of the op.”
Zac: “Nothing’s safer than being in a city full of monsters that murdered your family.”

[As we arrive in Jan Mayen, Lukas has once more adopted a disguise. A different one.]
Georges the GM: “Ti already outed your Janus disguise.”
Julie: “So none of us look surprised.”
Zac: “Just disappointed.”

[We are in town to visit Isabella Damosa, esteemed GREL geneticist.]
Georges the GM: “The oasis tower is still pretty dilapidated. You’re taken down the one functional elevator. When you emerge, you are escorted into a state-of-the-art laboratory.”
Zac: “I should have seen that coming, but I didn’t.”

[Also in the lab is Dr. Arturo Neseen, another highly esteemed geneticist. He and Damosa go over what they’ve learned from the Crieghton Aux data.]
Arturo Neseen: “This chromosomal adaptation could allow selective mutations on the fly, as it were. The ramifications of which are obvious.”
Everyone Else: “…”

[The ramifications are that the Jezebel GRELs could be made to look like specific people. Potentially multiple people over the course of their lifetimes.]
Fennec: “The bad news is they’re undetectable. The good news is all your paranoia is about to pay off.”

[Ti has still not been told about what happened at the final stage of Creighton Aux, i.e. that Vulpei was the most recent beta-bel.]
Brock: “We didn’t lie – we simply omitted a huge section of the truth.”

[The game ends on an unexpected note.]
Georges the GM: “The building shudders. An alarm goes off.”
Brock: “I shoot Damosa.”

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