Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles - Down But Not Out

13 Autumn, 1922
"Hey. Cubling."
"Lyta," she replied before she even took her eyes off her plate. The cafeteria was almost empty, but clearly not empty enough.
"Right, Lyta."
She looked up. The man who stood across the table was taller than Lukas and just as muscled, but older. Lyta guessed he was at least 35 cycles. Five french braids traced lines across his head. He wore the loose-fitting clothes Lyta had come to expect of the Desert Wolves, but he wore them with style. She had absolutely no idea who he was, other than someone clearly more important than her.

Donald Pleasance's gripping magnum opus!

“Make a suppressor? Make a suppressor?” Ennik grumbled and scratched himself. The quiet Sandrider kid, Torgath, had asked nicely enough, Ennik conceded, but it rubbed him the wrong way.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today's session saw the successful exfiltration of Josh's character Ennik, and then (sadly) the re-infiltration to obtain Ennik's heavy gear, which was impounded. In the end, none of the good guys died, so I consider that a success.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Pig Pen", or "Drunken With Wolves"

Spring TN1918

The Crags east of Prince Gable are a natural geological formation--a maze of caves and high-walled canyons that would make a veteran desert guide's head spin. So it should thus be unsurprising to learn that the Crags are the home of one of the most famous rover gangs ever known, the Desert Wolves.

The Wolves were formed before the War, when a Southern gear commander and most of his men deserted into the desert. They had just about enough of stuffed shirts telling them when and how to die. They turned into a family of two hundred souls, robbing from the caravans and homesteads in the area. You know how it is with rovers, robbing from the rich, and giving to the poor. Hardly. But the Wolves at least had the respect of the locals, after they helped liberate Prince Gable from the CEF at the end of the War. Nasty business, that fight. The Earthers had all but lost, and they knew it. It made them bitter, and they fought a bitter, dirty street brawl in Prince Gable.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - Blindsided

3 Autumn, 1922

They'd been herding the springers for three days, the armadillos keeping the smaller animals firmly in line as the elans maintained a loose formation around them. The three Koreshi had found themselves separate from the rest of the group, eating in a close knot at the edge of each night's campfire. They weren't yet Desert Wolves, Dronath Dawl had explained to them. That decision would be left up to Grey Cub. And since they hadn't done much to endear themselves to the rest of the group -- between the slashed tires, the flashbangs, and the broken ankle -- they hadn't pressed the issue of assimilation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last night's session saw the PCs attempt to join the rover band called the Desert Wolves. The plan: wait for them to attack our caravan, and then fight them off just hard enough that they're impressed and ask us to join them. Sadly, things didn't go quite according to plan.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander (Summer 1922)

13 Summer, 1922

We're going back to Junira Loresh. I thought that Lukas would want to join the Desert Wolves right away so that we could find Bear -- Kaspar. But Todd said that we need to go back because I'm almost 21 and need to do my Okaku. He said that once we join the Wolves, we may not be able to go back to Junira Loresh for a long time, and it'll be really weird if I come back at 23 or 24 and I hadn't done the ritual yet. He even managed to convince Lukas to wait on joining the Wolves, and I didn't think anything could get him to delay looking for Kaspar.

Anyway, we're going back. Todd asked if I'd thought about what I wanted to do in Koreshi society, but I hadn't. I don't know. I just want to be with Todd and Lukas. As long as I can do that, I don't care.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter II - The Prince, the Lady, The Bear and the Wolf

Winter 1922

Countless architectural treasures were lost during the War of the Alliance. Temples in Mekong had been desecrated, ancient settlements irradiated in the North. Entire towns were gone or destroyed beyond salvaging. It was one of the many injustices of war that with all the art, beauty and hard work that lay in ruins after the failed attempt by Earth to retake Terra Nova, the Tractor Barn outside Temple Heights had been spared.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander

18 Autumn, 1920

Everyone's dead, all the Bathani. Amaraa and Bestha and all the rest. The CEF killed them all, even the kids. We're the only ones left: me, Todd, Lukas, and Jonas. We saved Jonas from the CEF. Otherwise, they would have killed him too, just like they killed everyone else. They were torturing him for days.

We're bringing Jonas to one of the other tribes he says is near here. They're going to take him to the healers in Junira Loresh. He asked whether we wanted to join the new tribe, but we don't. Lukas definitely doesn't, and I don't think Todd Torgath wants to. I think he doesn't want to be disappointed again. And I don't want to either. I don't want a new family. The CEF killed my whole family twice, and they're not going to do it a third time.

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