Friday, April 22, 2011


Today's session saw the successful exfiltration of Josh's character Ennik, and then (sadly) the re-infiltration to obtain Ennik's heavy gear, which was impounded. In the end, none of the good guys died, so I consider that a success.

[Ariel's character Todd lies bleeding from a gunshot wound.]
Brock (to Ariel): "You said you wanted to handle this on your own, right?"

[Really, not doing much other than bleeding.]
Ariel: "The things I want to do are not bleed and not get shot. Not in that order."

[Last time we threw flash-bang grenades, Brock wound up fumbling his roll.]
Julie: "I drop a flash-bang."
Georges the GM: "You're the only one?"
Brock: "Yes, because we learn."

[Ennik is trying to run away from the rest of the PCs so that he can get his impounded Gear.]
Lukas (to Lyta): "Get in the car."
Lyta: "I thought we needed Ennik."
Lukas: "We'll hit him with the car."

[Semantics, how I missed you.]
Lyta: "You can't possibly be hung over. It's been three days!"
Ennik: "I'm not hung over; I need a drink. It's an entirely different experience."

[Ennik tries to convince us to go back for his Gear.]
Ennik: "I don't think you know the full political situation within the Desert Wolves."
Lukas: "No. All I know is there's a top guy and you're not him."

[Todd sneaks up behind Ennik and hits him on the head, to no real effect.]
Todd: "Can you pretend I knocked you out?"

[Lukas has the stats to be quite charming when he wants to be. This isn't one of those times.]
Georges the GM: "This isn't an influence issue."
Julie: "No, it's just a Lukas issue."

[Ennik's an alcoholic.]
Dronath, ranking member of the Desert Wolves: "He's flawed in all manner of ways..."
Ennik: "I'll drink to that!"
Dronath: "...but he's our kind of broken."

[Sometimes incomprehensible actions actually make odd sorts of sense.]
Josh: "I kick the Gear on the foot armor plating."
Lyta: "He's insane."
Georges the GM: "It whirs to life."
Lyta: "Okay, maybe he's less insane."

[True as this might be, I still decided not to test it out.]
Lukas: "Nothing deters pursuit like throwing dynamite out the back window."

[From the department of recurring themes...]
Lukas: "You're a very disobedient younger sibling."
Lyta: "I follow your plans when they're reasonable."
Lukas: "They're all reasonable!"

[This is a very large 'if'.]
Josh: "You took a crew compartment hit, which is basically the best thing if you live through it."

[Lukas usually is full of rejoinders. Except when he isn't.]
Ennik: "Thanks for the rescue, impolite and uncivil as it were."
Georges the GM: "Do you have a retort before he goes?"
Julie: "No. He's not worth it."

[Speaking with Grey Cub in the aftermath of the mission.]
Grey Cub: "For future reference, when a Wolf tells you something's important, it's important."
Lukas: "Even if he's a drunken fool?"
Grey Cub: *looking pointedly at Ennik* "None of us are perfect. Some of us are less perfect than others."

[Hopefully Ennik doesn't hold a grudge.]
Ennik: "They beat me over the head and ran me down with a car."
Lukas: "That's true. Though to be factually correct, we hit him with the car and then beat him over the head."

[This is true of many people who meet Todd.]
Georges the GM: "He's not quite sure whether you're joking or deranged."

[Todd's eternal quest continues.]
Todd: "There aren't any tunnels to the center of the earth, are there?"
Desert Wolf guide: "It wasn't part of the tour they gave me."

Join us in two weeks for our next exciting adventure! Will Our Heroes (tm) earn their braids? Will they avoid being killed by friendly fire? Only time will tell!

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