Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From the diary of Lyta Lassander

18 Autumn, 1920

Everyone's dead, all the Bathani. Amaraa and Bestha and all the rest. The CEF killed them all, even the kids. We're the only ones left: me, Todd, Lukas, and Jonas. We saved Jonas from the CEF. Otherwise, they would have killed him too, just like they killed everyone else. They were torturing him for days.

We're bringing Jonas to one of the other tribes he says is near here. They're going to take him to the healers in Junira Loresh. He asked whether we wanted to join the new tribe, but we don't. Lukas definitely doesn't, and I don't think Todd Torgath wants to. I think he doesn't want to be disappointed again. And I don't want to either. I don't want a new family. The CEF killed my whole family twice, and they're not going to do it a third time.

Jonas says that if we don't join the new tribe, there's a fourth type of Koreshi that goes out into the world and gathers information for the Thral. He says that maybe we could do that instead, and we could still bring honor to the memory of the Bathani. I don't know what we're going to do.

I wish I wasn't so useless. Todd and Lukas wanted to leave me back at the rendezvous point. I probably would have stayed, too, if I wasn't so scared that they would both die without me and then I'd be completely alone. They're the only ones I have left. But maybe I should have stayed. It's not like I did anything. All I did was run after Lukas and Todd, and then run back, and try not to show how scared I was. I couldn't fight, I couldn't carry Jonas... I couldn't do anything. If we're going to travel in the world instead of with one of the tribes in the desert, I need to be not-useless. I don't want to be a burden on Todd and Lukas. I don't want them to feel like they have to protect me and take care of me all the time. I need to be better than that.

I wish I could find the CEF who killed the Bathani. I wish I could come back with the whole Northern Regiment and kill them all. If I was a good enough fighter I'd make them pay for what they did to Amaraa and Bestha and Kitesh and all the rest. I hate them all.

Jonas says we should meet the other tribe in a few days. I bet they're going to be sad for me, but I don't need anyone sad for me anymore. I want them to be angry. I want them to be so angry they'll help me track down the CEF and kill them. They won't, though. They're going to take Jonas to Junira Loresh so he can be healed, and by the time we come back the CEF will have disappeared, just like the one who took all of Father's fortune, and we'll probably never find them again.

Jonas says anger is like a cancer and it keeps growing and killing you from the inside, but I don't care. The Bathani were killed for real, not just on the inside. Someone needs to pay for that.


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