Monday, August 29, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Escalation

Conflict escalation was a reality of war. Whatever theory you espoused about the casus belli, whatever stance you had on jus ad bellum, one aspect of military theory was incontestable no matter your school of thought: without explicit rules of engagement, escalation devolves into chaos.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - What GRELs and little Girls are made of

“Professor, are you saying you actually want to meet GRELs?” Lyta asked incredulously. She sat on the bar of the dilapidated restaurant, letting her legs dangle. Vovelle, for his part, sprawled on a chair and watched the smoke curl upward from his mouth to the peeled-paint ceiling. They were so close to the GREL quarter, on the border of the entertainment strip, that Lyta could practically feel the purple-skinned bastards bearing down on her through the walls.

“Yeah, absolutely! They’re fascinating!” Vovelle replied with a glint in his eye inspired by intellectual passion and heightened by narcotic stimulus.

Friday, August 26, 2011


For those who might not remember, Our Heroes' (tm) current mission is to protect Dr. Henriette Vovelle, the astrophysicist, from people who want to kill her. Tonight we managed to make contact with Vovelle's husband, Professor Artoor Vovelle, in an attempt to arrange a meeting with his wife. Sadly, we made contact just as six Forzi goons were attempting to kidnap him. And while we managed to escape the ensuing firefight with Athur unharmed and a Forzi hostage to boot, we are clearly not out of the frying pan yet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GameThug's Bookshelf - Update 4

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DP9-001-----Heavy Gear (1st Ed) Rulebook
DP9-101HC-----Heavy Gear (2nd Ed) Rulebook
DP9-103-----Gamemaster Guide & Screen

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