Thursday, March 19, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: Blood Relations

“So” Fennec asked as she grabbed a towel out of the hamper. It was already damp but with a shrug she went about drying her wet hair with it anyway.

“He got away.” Ti said cooly.

“Of course he did” Fennec offered matter-of-factly.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: Thicker Than Blood

Tom waited patiently in the antechamber of the consular building. A polite Humanist offered him a real coffee which he was delighted to accept. After only 15 minutes he was ushered into the ambassador’s office.

“Doctor Chambers,” the ambassador said welcomingly.

“Ambassador, it is a distinct pleasure to finally make your acquaintance.”

“How can the AST or the Humanist Alliance be of use to the Badlands Caravan Guild?”

Doc Chambers smiled. “I see my reputation precedes me.”

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Session Log - 11 March 2015

Lukas learns first hand what it feels like to be a slave trader.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: Crossroads

The caravan was at the crossroads. One trade route went came from the south along the Lonely Hills within the Humanist Alliance and went northward across the Karaq Wastes, through the Port Arthur defence zone to Massada. The other moved from East to West: the road connected New Baja through Marigold on to the rebelling cities of the ESE and further afield, Jan Mayen.

Friday, March 6, 2015


A party divided! In the aftermath of Operation: Storm Creighton-1, Our Heroes (tm) attempt to move on with their various lives. Sadly, this requires even more painful partings from loved ones, and a failure to reunite with others…

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Fennec


Initially, I wasn't going to write you at all.  I'm still not sure I shouldn't ask T1 to murderize you in your sleep.  (Or did I?  He'll never tell you in a way you can fully believe.)

But as L. pointed out, there would be some hypocrisy in being truly mad at you.  Not that I'm completely above that, but I try.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Todd


I find myself quite unsure of what to write; on reflection, it appears this is the first time I've ever written you a letter.  I wonder what it is like for your penpals.

I've just made a deal that'll keep the mind-controllers off your back forever, provided you don't go down there or mess with them anywhere else.  I've also made sure that you'll have enough money to buy a lifetime's worth of books--even at the speed you read.  I've attached the info in a specially encoded manner in a series of Classified ads that will run in the daily newspaper in Temple Heights on your birthday.  I'll leave you that to figure out.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Lyta


By now you will have rejoined T2 and, I expect, performed whatever time-sensitive operation your intel permitted.  I am confident that you will have prevailed.

You can relax regarding concerns about animosity emanating from our most recent team activities.  I have made arrangements such that neither you nor T1, not anyone you care about, remains at risk.  There were conditions, though only two of them should concern you and T1:  stay out of their territory, and do not take on any work against them.  I will deal with the rest.  Regardless of how that turns out, I have been assured that you will be safe from retribution of any kind.  Please inform F. of same.

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