Thursday, March 5, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Todd


I find myself quite unsure of what to write; on reflection, it appears this is the first time I've ever written you a letter.  I wonder what it is like for your penpals.

I've just made a deal that'll keep the mind-controllers off your back forever, provided you don't go down there or mess with them anywhere else.  I've also made sure that you'll have enough money to buy a lifetime's worth of books--even at the speed you read.  I've attached the info in a specially encoded manner in a series of Classified ads that will run in the daily newspaper in Temple Heights on your birthday.  I'll leave you that to figure out.

I've left your G. with the bearer of this letter.  Don't leave it there too long--who knows what he might do with it.  Probably wire it with remote controls and tracking systems.

I'm sorry that you left when and how you did, and I frankly find myself unable to fully understand how my partner could so easily leave me and join another team.  I suppose this can all be linked to some plot in which the hero is seduced away from his fellow agents by some "femme fatale" but is able to return and then everything is fine.

You need to understand that everything will not be fine.

You're not going to listen to this, but your relationship with that girl cannot work out, with things the way they are.  Her company is, at least structurally, our enemy.  We know that there are a lot of threads leading in that direction, and though she may be a useful ally at times, inevitably she will be called on to choose between company loyalty and her affection for you.  She may already be at risk of disemployment if her association with you is known.  You need to remember other people from that company that we've met in the past.

In a different world, maybe things could work out, but you will need to make some changes--and so will she--for that to have a chance.  I don't write this out of anger, though I feel that too, but out of concern for what will happen to you should things go poorly with her.

I hope I'm wrong.  Truly, I hope you'll be happy with her and find whatever sense of belonging you were denied with me.

I know it's early for your birthday, but I found something awhile ago that I wanted you to have.  You may not recall, but our father was quite a reader, and he bought fine books when he could.  He was inspired, I think, by a small library that had been handed down through our family for generations.  The book I've enclosed is called "Ashenden", and it's possibly the first true spy novel (according to what I read in the encyclopedia).  It has been in our family since they came from Earth.  It's a little singed, and a little dirty, but I'm confident that it's unique.  I hope you like it.

First your friend and then your brother,


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