Friday, November 26, 2010


This week's session saw Our Heroes (tm) do some investigative work and then rescue a high-profile hostage. Oh, and appropriate Maia onto their team, because they don't trust her employers. They're like that.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Crisis of Doubt

Kain walked through the office doors armed with a scathing remark that had come to him as he sat alone over breakfast. He found his target missing and after collecting a mug of cawfee he had soon covered the entire B.C.G. offices in search of his quarry to no avail. Annoyed and bored - a state he seemed to be in most of the time of late - he walked into Tom’s office.

“Where’s Vemeer? I had something to say to him.”

“I gave him the day off, he’s been working hard.”

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Casino is a fantastic intelligence gathering tool

3400hrs, 26 Spring TN1935
Lucky Shot Casino
Khayr-ad Din

After hours at the Lucky Shot was a sacred time for Julie Pojhola: she could finally let her hair down. Not that she kept up a stern, matron-like image during her shifts as manager of the casino, but after hours meant that she could relax. And, because she was the manager of the casino for a reason, when she relaxed, the remaining patrons followed her lead.

"Miss Julie," a grizzled old smuggler called from a poker table, "come share a drink with me!"

"Well, alright Anders. But just this once."

Monday, November 15, 2010

SUBJECT: RE regarding your Request

TO : Milani DuBeau-Slovenski
CC : Gerald Simosa, Victorya Hiro, Helena Hitachi, Reichter Lenaris
BCC: Maia Kessler

SUBJECT: RE regarding your Request

Dear Milani,

I`m very gratified that you have agreed to my proposal to reserve the gross
proceeds of the Free Emirates arms sale for the social development of the
worker caste of Peace River.

My employer will see this as an act of solidarity for the less fortunate
everywhere. I know this has been a decision of conscience on your part.I’ve taken the liberty of sharing this email with Gerry and Helena whom I know share credit for orchestrating this coup for justice.Thank you all!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Noblesse Oblige

Dear Mme Hiro,

Thank you for your suggested travel destination, but I spent two cycles there. It was the field hospitals set up to deal with the incessant waves of wounded brought about by your revolution. They are understaffed, under equipped and constantly under threat.

I have seen more blood, pint for pint, spilled in your revolution than you, the Emirs and your Council combined will see in your lifetimes from your besieged palaces. I have also personally shed more blood in its pursuit than the same assembly ever will.

And now, the Eastern Delegation's response

Dear Dr. Chambers,

I have read your report, and am ever grateful for the security you and your associates have so ably provided me. I thus ask why you have decided to cease providing for my security, since you know as well as I that I am unable to leave Peace River with negotiations well underway. I now realize that the answer lies in our meeting, and the demands you made on the Free Emirates. I have spent much of the day in quiet contemplation, and I believe I have a concise response to your demands that should satisfy your thirst for freedom.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Deal... with the devil.

"Well, he's certainly got balls," Colonel Lenaris smirked as he read the email from Doctor Chambers.

Milani Dubeau-Slovenski nodded, "arrogant too."

"No doubt."

"Well?" Milani sipped her cawfee.

"I could provide extra security coverage to the delegation, but honestly..." Lenaris, ever cautious, couldn't quite bring himself to say it.


"Well, give him what he wants, and make it his problem."

Milani's eyes darkened, then she smiled tightly. she took her datapad and began writing:


Dear Dr. Chambers,

Regarding your request, I agree to your request that Paxton Arms spend half of the profits of the sale of arms to the Free Emirates on social programs, health and education in the Prospects.

Regarding your security team's recommendations, I feel that it is necessary to hire the Badlands Caravan Guild security consultant team you have been operating with in order to best guarantee the safety of Lady Hiro. She, after all, is crucial to the successful completion of the sale, which will benefit all of Riveran society.

I expect your reply in one hour.

Milani Dubeau-Slovenski
Head Executive Officer,
Paxton Arms.


Lenaris chuckled, "he won't like that. I don't think Delacroix will either."

"No," Milani gazed out the Executive Tower window and down into the Prospects far below, "no, he won't."

Salon Rouge Raid

SNS News Update
Live in Peace River
27 Spring, TN1935, 0500hrs

"This is Helen Luka, reporting live from the Street of Willows in the Badlands Quarter of Peace River," Helen's voice was there, but the camera was pointed at an elegant four-storey house across the street.

"An anonymous tip has led me here, where Peace officers are about to storm the Salon Rouge Brothel to stop a terrorist threat, here in Peace River."


Soft light played over Maia Kessler's table at the Sapphire Cafe. The cawfee at her right hand steamed. She hadn't drunk much, but the staff insisted on replacing it every half-hour when it had stopped steaming, and Maia never bothered to stop them. This late at night, there was almost no one else here. Ambient music covered the hum of the lights and the cawfee machine. Her PDA sat before her on the table, carefully positioned so that the screen was hidden from the two concealed cameras on either side of the room. Idly, she tapped the page, just often enough to appear to be reading.

She was, not to put too fine a point on it, terrified.

11 November 2010 After Action Report

B.C.G. Consulting
T.M. Chambers

27 Spring, 1935 Peace River

SUBJECT : Assassination attempt at Paxton warrior IV production-plant

TO : Maia Kessler
C.C. Victorya Hiro, Col. Lenaris, Mila Dubeau-Slovenski


On an advancing-our-investigations front, tonight's session was moderately successful. Our Heroes (tm) managed to make inroads towards a possible alliance and stopped a sabotage attempt before it happened.

On a character-interaction, get-Maia-integrated-with-the-group front... not so much. We have, if anything, backslid. But that's how it goes.


"Prophet-damned-...!" Kally spat at her gang after the Doc, Kain and Sam made their exit, "don't you people watch the news?"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to go behind someone's back to get their trust

It was going to be one of those days. She just knew it.

Another domino

>transmit over H72 fr: KAD subnet to PG/RZ@SNS syst.
>message transmitted.:

>sat trans complete

Dear Roger,

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