Friday, November 12, 2010


On an advancing-our-investigations front, tonight's session was moderately successful. Our Heroes (tm) managed to make inroads towards a possible alliance and stopped a sabotage attempt before it happened.

On a character-interaction, get-Maia-integrated-with-the-group front... not so much. We have, if anything, backslid. But that's how it goes.

[The characters are enjoying a complementary breakfast at their very expensive hotel.]
Brock: "It's not complementary if you pay $1,000 a day for it!"

[Lessons in reading between the lines, part 1.]
Doc: "Do you have a mole in the ESE office?"
Colonel Lenaris: "I can't tell you that."
Ariel: "That cleraly means it's a yes."

[Remember that last week the Doc demoted Vemeer for negligence and promoted the fax machine in his place.]
Kain: "Did the fax machine give you any orders?"
Vemee: "There's been a coup d'état. I'm now in charge of the office."

[Things you never want to hear your allies say.]
Sam: "Do you need me for anything, or is it okay for me to do something stupid right now?"

[Quick, when a building unexpectedly explodes near you, what's the first thing you think?]
Brock: "The explosion could have been better timed."

[Kain has a Paxsec badge from 15 cycles ago.]
Kain: "There's probably more of those badges around."
Josh the GM: "Before anyone gets any ideas, they've long since expired."
Kain: "We keep them around for nostalgia purposes."

[Somehow, I suspect this is the basis for a lot of Kain's relationships.]
Kain: "We have a relationship with Lenaris built on mutual respect and mutual antagonism."
Josh the GM: "The best kind."

[Slip of the tongue, mayhaps?]
Kain: "...Though it occurs to me we could turn over those SRID caches."
Maia: "Pardon?"
Kain: "Oh, nothing."

[The Doc is trying to extort the leaders of the Free Emirates.]
Doc: "And that's being friendly. The 'or what' could be considerably worse, given that we toppled a government a few weeks ago."

[Sam is trying to get a job with a small-time gang called the Saracens. It's much more small-time than he's used to.]
Saracen flunky: "You do any work before?"
Sam: *snickers* "Yes."

[Sam has a limited skill set, but what he does, he does well.]
Kally, head of the Saracens: "What can you do?"
Sam: "I'm really good at shooting things. Not to put too fine a point on it."

[A twist on an old saying.]
Kain: "I'm not sure I'd want to be a member of a club that would want Sam as a member."

[When you're the head of the government, you get to do whatever you want and have other people justify it later.]
Brock: "If it's state-authorized, it's an execution, not a murder."
Josh the GM: "Yes, she vigorously executed him."

[Always a good instruction to leave with your allies.]
Kain: "If you see me lurking in the back, don't shoot me."

[Discussing a cafe the PCs once frequented.]
Brock: "We didn't burn it down; it's still there."
Julie: "Well, for certain definitions of 'there'."

[Remember the small-time Saracens? Remember how they're really small-time?]
Kain: "Sam's working for them."
Doc: "Outstanding!"
Kain: "Which clearly means they're not credible allies."
Sam: "They're not credible allies."

[Kain suggests promoting the coffee machine, in light of yet more incompetency from Vemeer.]
Maia: "You have the strangest office politics I've ever seen, and that's hard to do with only one person."

[Gotta love friendly fire.]
Sam: "I don't point guns at people I work for."
Kain: "That's a lie. In fact, I don't think there's anyone you've worked for you haven't pointed a gun at."

[What's that old saying? The best defense is a good offense?]
Kally: "Right now, we want to hold out against the Forzi."
Doc: "Well, the best way to do that is to cripple them."
Kain: "That's my preferred approach."

[The Doc doesn't really know how not to antagonize people in negotiations.]
Josh the GM: "Condescension level rising. Kally's ire level rising."

[I'm disturbed at this line of discussion.]
Kain: "Women are your department unless you want them tortured and cut up."
Doc: "I'm comfortable with this division of labor."

[Oh, the things we do to maintain separation of player and character.]
Brock: "What's Maia plotting against us?"
Julie: "I dunno."
Brock: "I beg to differ!"

[The Doc pretends to get lost in a heavily secured building. It doesn't work very well.]
Guard: "The front door's over there."
Doc: "Ah. The one at the front. I see."

[Kain's lessons in interrogation, part whatever.]
Kain: "This is gonna hurt you more than... actually, it won't hurt me at all."

And that's it for this week. Tune in next time to find out what new things are going to explode in our faces! (Because you know something always will!)


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