Friday, November 12, 2010

Salon Rouge Raid

SNS News Update
Live in Peace River
27 Spring, TN1935, 0500hrs

"This is Helen Luka, reporting live from the Street of Willows in the Badlands Quarter of Peace River," Helen's voice was there, but the camera was pointed at an elegant four-storey house across the street.

"An anonymous tip has led me here, where Peace officers are about to storm the Salon Rouge Brothel to stop a terrorist threat, here in Peace River."

The camera was panning to the left and right of the house, where Peace officers were beginning their assault. Helen suddenly jumped into the camera's view, motioning for her crew to follow her. The footage was shaky, but the camera crew was professional. They got good footage of the first tactical team storming through the front door and the side windows.

A scream, a loud bang, and then a sharp burst of gunfire. Helen looked at the camera and then quickly circled around the side of the building, where tactical officers had already punched a hole into the wall.

"Peace officers report that a secret door leading to a cellar had been found." Helen now stood in front of a POC patrol car. Behind her, Peace officers were controlling foot traffic on the Street of Willows. "Weapons and ammunition, all manufactured in Skavara, were found. No civilians were killed, and Emirate spokesmen have denied that this was a safehouse for their operatives. Meanwhile, talks continue between the Basalite delegation and Paxton Arms."

Ambassador Tapa Shan flicked the trideo off. He crossed his arms and lowered his chin to his chest. His phone rang.

"Ambassador Shan," his secretary paged, "it's the Paxton liason."

"Patch it through."

"No, sir, they're here."


Three Paxsec agents stormed into the Ambassador's office, followed by Milani Dubeau-Slovenski, HEO of Paxton Arms.

"Ambassador," she said, her eyes gleaming dangerously, "I am hereby expelling the entire Eastern Sun Emirates diplomatic corps from Peace River, effective immediately. Your credentials here are revoked."


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