Friday, November 12, 2010


"Prophet-damned-...!" Kally spat at her gang after the Doc, Kain and Sam made their exit, "don't you people watch the news?"No one dared reply. Kally wasn't fond of rhetorical questions, so everyone knew to keep their yaps shut.

"Goddamn it," she stormed off upstairs, past the empty dorm-style bedrooms, past the storage room with the gang's ammo and loot, and into a tiny office. It was just big enough for a single desk and a couple of chairs.

"Vitto, did you hook up the Hermes already?" Kally bellowed angrily.

Vitto sheepishly appeared at the office door, as Kally double-checked all the connections on the little console computer, "yes ma'am, totally set up. I was watching the dueling match from Khayr-ad Din this morning."

"Yeah, shut up Vitto."

Kally tugged her jacked off and tossed it at Vitto's face. She knew she'd be mad for a while. Three old-timers managed to crack her base of operations with little difficulty. She was confident, she had lived by her wits, on the streets, and carved out her little empire. Now, Kally Laing knew that if the Saracens were to survive, they'd have to get more than street-smart. They'd have to get book-smart.

She booted up the old clunker, got the Hermes network going, and searched the Satellite News Service Network for the Eastern Sun Emirates delegation in Peace River.

"Doctor Tomohiro Chambers..." she said aloud, and began reading...


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