Monday, November 15, 2010

SUBJECT: RE regarding your Request

TO : Milani DuBeau-Slovenski
CC : Gerald Simosa, Victorya Hiro, Helena Hitachi, Reichter Lenaris
BCC: Maia Kessler

SUBJECT: RE regarding your Request

Dear Milani,

I`m very gratified that you have agreed to my proposal to reserve the gross
proceeds of the Free Emirates arms sale for the social development of the
worker caste of Peace River.

My employer will see this as an act of solidarity for the less fortunate
everywhere. I know this has been a decision of conscience on your part.I’ve taken the liberty of sharing this email with Gerry and Helena whom I know share credit for orchestrating this coup for justice.Thank you all!

I would also like to thank you for the enormous demonstration of faith in our professional capabilities. B.C.G. Consulting have been very pleased to work with Paxton in ensuring the safety of our employers. New developments since my last After Action Report have extended our contract with the Free Emirates and we must therefore decline your most generous offer to lease our services. As we have a previous contract, we are professionally bound by our arrangement with the Free Emirates and cannot take on any other duties.

I understand your intention was to continue providing the Free Emirate delegation with the highest level of security you could find. I would however caution you against entrusting their security to third party contractors. As members of the delegation, we are an extension of their personal security; as a consulting firm working for Paxton it would appear as if Paxton was farming out such responsibilities. I’m sure we all know your intentions were good ones and so no one will hold this breech of etiquette against you.

However in light of these minor irregularities and in the interest of preserving the highest possible professional standards, we believe it would be important to better delineate our actions from yours. I remind you we are mandated by the Free Emirates delegation first and foremost. As this entails working closely with the POC and PaxSec and not for them, it would be better for all concerned if you seconded a PaxSec officer to us as an observer and coordinator.

As we have a working relationship with Maia Kessler already, I believe she would be the natural choice. I’m sure the minor technicality of this change will in no way affect our results and I believe to the contrary that it will increase our efficiency. That is of course beneficial to all concerned.

I remain very graciously yours,

Dr T.M. Chambers.

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