Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Deal... with the devil.

"Well, he's certainly got balls," Colonel Lenaris smirked as he read the email from Doctor Chambers.

Milani Dubeau-Slovenski nodded, "arrogant too."

"No doubt."

"Well?" Milani sipped her cawfee.

"I could provide extra security coverage to the delegation, but honestly..." Lenaris, ever cautious, couldn't quite bring himself to say it.


"Well, give him what he wants, and make it his problem."

Milani's eyes darkened, then she smiled tightly. she took her datapad and began writing:


Dear Dr. Chambers,

Regarding your request, I agree to your request that Paxton Arms spend half of the profits of the sale of arms to the Free Emirates on social programs, health and education in the Prospects.

Regarding your security team's recommendations, I feel that it is necessary to hire the Badlands Caravan Guild security consultant team you have been operating with in order to best guarantee the safety of Lady Hiro. She, after all, is crucial to the successful completion of the sale, which will benefit all of Riveran society.

I expect your reply in one hour.

Milani Dubeau-Slovenski
Head Executive Officer,
Paxton Arms.


Lenaris chuckled, "he won't like that. I don't think Delacroix will either."

"No," Milani gazed out the Executive Tower window and down into the Prospects far below, "no, he won't."


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