Friday, November 12, 2010

11 November 2010 After Action Report

B.C.G. Consulting
T.M. Chambers

27 Spring, 1935 Peace River

SUBJECT : Assassination attempt at Paxton warrior IV production-plant

TO : Maia Kessler
C.C. Victorya Hiro, Col. Lenaris, Mila Dubeau-Slovenski

We have been operating as an independent security consultant for the Free Emirates (FE) delegation currently negotiating a contract of service with Paxton arms. To that end we have been investigating a number of potential and likely threats.

We established active surveillance on Tapa Shan, Ambassador from the Eastern Sun Emirates (ESE), after uncovering evidence of his involvement in the attempt on Victorya Hiro`s life at a gala held in her honour as chief negotiator for the FE.

One of our agents reported atypical movement on the target subject’s movements. At 21h on the 26th the subject proceeded to the Cimmaro café in the Badlands quarter. He met with 5 new subjects (henceforth referred to as Patriarchal agents 1-5) and provided them with a large envelope. (See pic # 125)

After the meeting we continued surveillance on the primary subject and began a new operation to tail the Patriarchal Agents (PA). The PA employed counter-surveillance techniques including entering the Badlands Bazaar. We maintained on-and-off acquisition of the targets for approximately 16 hours.

PA 1-5 were re-acquired at 02hr on 27 Spring on Street of the Willows. Again they demonstrated counter-surveillance techniques as they split into two parties. Short on resources we maintained acquisition of PA 1-3 and anticipated their vector for the Pond Tube station.

Positioning one agent in their midst and anothers at either end we boxed them in. However at the next station PA 4 and 5 embarked on the train. To reduce collateral damage but primarily to maintain integrity of the intelligence resources we initiated a non-lethal direct action against PA 1-3 and subsequently against PA 4,5.

No civilians were injured and due to efficient action we were not only able to incapacitate and detain the five subjects but we prevented them from utilising suicide implants designed to prevent interrogation in case of capture.

As of the submission of this report, the five PA are in PaxSec custody.

The five PA were armed with 9mm pistols and 11mm sub machine-guns. Pa 2 and 5 had data gloves. They were all lightly armoured.

In addition to the suicide implants which reveal unquestionable resolve, the subjects demonstrated above average combat response times and high thresholds to non-lethal suppressive methods. These indicate military training at a professional level.

The counter-intelligence techniques used from their acquisition at the Cimmaro until the apprehension on the tube demonstrate further specialised training. Consequently these are not simple recruited zealots but rather trained operators. In contrast with the gala attack, this would indicate a significant increase in the level of sophistication of the attackers.

The data gloves had detailed and highly sensitive maps and schematics of the production floor of the Warrior IV assembly plant. Additional intelligence gleaned form their data gloves shows their target was Mme Hiro who was scheduled to visit that installation on the 27th.

In addition to arms, armour, classified intelligence and expert training, the operatives were furnished with exception credentials. If these are forgeries, they are beyond reproach.

The PA apprehended showed military training, specialist techniques in intelligence and counter-intelligence, resolve and professionalism. I would classify the personnel threat level as a high.

The weaponry employed, the quality of their tactical plan and underlying intelligence, access and documentation were beyond reproach and consequently I evaluate their support network threat level as high to very high.

The fact that they were able to executed every stage of their planning in a complete intelligence vacuum and were only apprehended hours before executing their attack indicated that the threat level for further operations to be high to very high.

The attack at the gala and the planned attack on the Warrior IV production plant are directly related. In both cases we have seen the involvement of Tapa Shan and the use of sophisticated credential that are most likely expertly forged.

Although the gala attack employed reckless but devoted aggressors, the latest operation has shown an escalation towards professional use of tier 2 or 1 operators. The clear indication is that the organisational apparatus behind both attacks is highly adaptive, well equipped, funded and connected. The further implication is that they will not stop.

Analysis of the security arrangements in place for Ms Hiro is sobering. The attack at the gala was only narrowly avoided by the intuition of a BCG consultant and thwarted by the intervention of our consultants' direct actions. Indeed not a single assailant was incapacitated by either the FE security, PaxSec or the POC. Furthermore, this new incident was very nearly in the execution phase before our consultants once again intervened.

It is therefore our conclusion that Mme Hiro and her negotiations team should immediately retire form Peace River for their own safety until such time as Paxton can demonstrate they are capable of providing the overt and covert security required to ensure her safety.

This becomes a prime concern as B.C.G. Consultants, the only effective protection afforded to her thus far, will no longer be providing its services to the FE or coordinating action with Paxton or its affiliates.


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