Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another domino

>transmit over H72 fr: KAD subnet to PG/RZ@SNS syst.
>message transmitted.:

>sat trans complete

Dear Roger,

Further to our conversation last week about the BRF in Peace River, I noted
that you didn’t deny any contacts with Jaxon’s cell operating out of the

I need your help putting together a program. I think it would be
fascinating to see a dialogue between BRF freedom fighters and their
counterparts in the Free Emirates.

If you can provide the program with someone in the BRF, maybe even Ernesto
himself, I could put you in contact with the Sajhalin who did Emir Thoras
in, I could also arrange interview footage between Mme Hiro and SNS’s own
Ms. Luca. I could get some material from Brahvo as well, but I think the
Badlander-Sajhakin angle is the way to go in order to keep it close to the
base constituency. I’m afraid bringing Emirs into the picture I would like
to see painted makes it look like a top-down revolt (which it is) but that
isn’t the angle of the piece I have in mind.

All you need is a BRF contact who can speak eloquently on the plights of
the Badlander struggling for basic rights. Put him/her in the same forum as
a Sajhalin and we may have socialist rhetoric gold!

To save you scratching your head at my angle, I think this may provide me
with the back door I need to get into the BRF cell operating in Peace
River, plus is serves the greater cause of workers rights. We both win and
so do they. Let me know how fast you can move on this, I’ll prep contacts
on my side in expectation of your positive response.

I’m excited about this Roger, hope you are too.

Thanks. As always, my fondest regards to Sonya and the kids. (I hear you’re
up to 4, making a little red cabal of your own I see, congratulations)



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