Friday, November 19, 2010

A Casino is a fantastic intelligence gathering tool

3400hrs, 26 Spring TN1935
Lucky Shot Casino
Khayr-ad Din

After hours at the Lucky Shot was a sacred time for Julie Pojhola: she could finally let her hair down. Not that she kept up a stern, matron-like image during her shifts as manager of the casino, but after hours meant that she could relax. And, because she was the manager of the casino for a reason, when she relaxed, the remaining patrons followed her lead.

"Miss Julie," a grizzled old smuggler called from a poker table, "come share a drink with me!"

"Well, alright Anders. But just this once."

Anders Wood chuckled and made See, I still got it. Now scram! glances at his two partners. He looked across the table at the beautiful redhead wearing the blue number that hung off of one shoulder as his compatriots reluctantly excused themselves.

Julie looked at the poker chips and sighed, "remember before the War when all you could play at a table was twenty-one or stud poker? My, how the times have changed." She glanced at the bartender, who brought over a bottle of whiskey.

"That was quite a few drinks ago, Miss Julie," Anders leaned in, his weathered face drawn tightly into a businessman's smile. He sipped at his whiskey, "I heard you were making inquiries as to my business interests in Peace River."

"Anders," Julie demurred, subtly checking for eavesdroppers. She leaned in, still holding the whiskey tumbler in her hand, "I've been banging my head against a wall for about a week now. Where's Nicolai? What's going on?"

"I'm headed to Peace River tomorrow morning. Should take me three days to get there." Anders' voice was barely audible beyond the edge of the table. "What I can tell you is that the higher ups are cagey. Mention Peace River, and they clam up. Something's gone wrong there. I'm gonna drop by the villa and see what Nicolai says."

Julie leaned back and played with her hair. She studied Anders for a moment, and then downed the whiskey in one smooth motion.

"What else?"

Anders chuckled, "nothing gets past you, Miss Julie. Yeah. I did some digging for you. Tell your friends that we've been running guns and explosives to the Prospects since 1933. A lot of guns and explosives. Tell them that we've been smuggling people in and out of Peace River for training out in the Western Desert near Lance Point, if you get my meaning. Something big is gonna happen, and soon. Whatever they're doing there, they had best be ready. It looks like it'll be worse than how it was just after the War. And tell them that I'll contact them soon."

Anders slammed back his whiskey and made to stand up. "Miss Julie, if I weren't married, I'd buy you another drink, but the walls have ears, ya know." He winked, and grinned at his two partners who were down at the bar.

"Anders Wood, if you weren't married, I'd let you, you old dawg."


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