Saturday, July 14, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - V: Know thine enemy and know thy self

Everyone knows they have a place in the world where they belong. For some this is just a subtle feeling, one they could discard as a romantic imagining. Then there are those who feel it profoundly, like a spiritual certainty. It could be on the porch of an old house looking out onto a breezy field or beneath the shade of a tree by a glimmering body of water. For some that feeling is found in another’s arms and for others still it's found on a stool in a bar.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Time for some insubordination! Ti Corovan, our erstwhile boss, gave Our Heroes (tm) strict instructions to keep our heads down and stay out of trouble, and under no circumstances to annoy Marius Wallcraft. So when our other erstwhile boss, Nicosa Renault, gave us directly contradictory instructions, we decided to go with them. Directly into the path of a Northern detail squad. Because that's how we roll. Torgath may have gotten deeply wounded in the process, but at least we know that we've alienated just about everyone we care about.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V : Just visiting

Looking around, he had to admit that he liked the looks of Hotel Bravo.

From outside, it looked both solid and smooth, recalling the Badlands aesthetic of simple, clean lines and durability. Inside, the sizable facilities boasted of the success of the Badlands Caravan Guild, and the various efficiencies revealed the reason. The Doc was, regardless of the many other things that could be said of him, an excellent logistics man. The Armoury was a little less well-stocked, and the Doc's other security measures not quite as deep, as might be preferred, but, of course, their priorities were different.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V: A Case Of Coincidences

Lukas had the right idea: if Wallcraft’s conflicting allegiances could be revealed to the Kolsons, they would cut him off and he would no longer be protected by the Spyder.

The way to pull that off was clear enough to Ti. The Hermes transmission logs from Smith’s computer showed that Wallcraft was part of the Kolsons’ effort to uncover what Tantalus was all about. But everything they had uncovered revealed he was covering up Tantalus, not digging things up. All Ti needed was proof.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V: The Morning After

3 Spring, 1926

It wasn't the worst hangover Lyta had ever had, but it was certainly vying for a spot in the top ten.

When she finally woke up to the too-bright sun, Lukas and Todd had already left. She called room service for cawfee and cradled the cup as she woke up, a nagging sense of guilt competing with her headache. She remembered talking to Ti, and while she was hazy on the details – and possibly even hazy on the gist – she was pretty sure she'd said things she hadn't intended to. A glance at her phone revealed they'd spoken for over ten minutes, which didn't do anything to lighten her mood.


Tying up loose ends! Or perhaps pulling on them, depending on your perspective. Last night's session saw Our Heroes (tm) deal with the aftermath of Pinky's death and try to stop Tatsugoro from getting his revenge before we had a chance to milk his target for information. Oh, and got shot at. Because it isn't a proper session of Heavy Gear until someone's been shot.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V: Rising Heat

He woke with a sensation of falling. His hand went for his waist to draw a weapon, but he stopped himself. He wasn’t in any danger; he was just uncomfortable.

His thick chin has slipped off his sweaty palm. His heavy head momentarily unsupported as he nodded off, he awoke suddenly with a start. It was getting near siesta and he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. In the corner of his office the sound of a fan was lulling him back to a dreamless sleep almost as soon as he had been shaken awake. His chin once again rested on his open hand, his elbow on his desk.

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