Thursday, July 5, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V: Rising Heat

He woke with a sensation of falling. His hand went for his waist to draw a weapon, but he stopped himself. He wasn’t in any danger; he was just uncomfortable.

His thick chin has slipped off his sweaty palm. His heavy head momentarily unsupported as he nodded off, he awoke suddenly with a start. It was getting near siesta and he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. In the corner of his office the sound of a fan was lulling him back to a dreamless sleep almost as soon as he had been shaken awake. His chin once again rested on his open hand, his elbow on his desk.

Before dozing off again, he shook himself awake and stood. The heat was stifling, his crotch was wet and sweat pooled in his shirt above his belly in his deep chest cleft. The air conditioning had been down since yesterday and the morning’s cold air had dissipated; now the sun’s relentless rise was starting to make his office unbearable. He just wanted to go back to his apartment and sleep the heat away. With any luck, the ventilation system would be repaired this afternoon. ‘Luck’, he snorted. When was the last time he had had any of that, he wondered?

The trideo interface chimed on his desk. The call he had been waiting for, the call he had suffered this heat to answer, was now coming through, and he hesitated. A cold chill ran up his spin, giving an unwelcome mix of sensations. He sat down again and delicately flipped the receiver on. He saw reassuring strings of numbers encrypting the message and finally, when the system had concluded its job, it formed a picture.

“Report,” the woman’s three dimensional shape ordered without preamble, her long auburn hair disappearing below the truncated bust the trideo revealed.

Wallcraft wiped his head. Unaccustomed to be barked at or being nervous, he felt the heat and his discomfort ever more acutely. “Well, the job is done, as you probably know. WestCorp is gone, the records are all destroyed and now with Bardwick and the contractor eliminated, there ain’t no links left to project... uhh, Tantalus.”

“What about the Caravan Guild? Will they retaliate? The Mekong has a reputation for being irksome.” She said evenly.

Wallcraft shifted a bit. “I got the Spyder’s OK to annoy the Guild. If they decide to take it personal like, then he’ll cool them down some, you rest assured. We ain’t got anything to fear from Chambers.”

“And the Kolsons? Is your cover protected?” She asked.

Wallcraft had been a Kolson before being the Bear’s agent and before she ever came into the picture. He resented her tone but fear kept him in check. Fear of her or the Bear finding out about the two guys who came looking for Arens. People who knew that Wallcraft had loyalties to someone other than the Kolson clan. “Yeah, I’m fine there. In order to get a deal with the Spyder, I made him an offer to invest in the Lucky Shot casino along with the Forzi and Granis. It’s a cash cow for the Spyder if the Kolsons cut in on Chamber’s action there. Well, that means...”

“I’m not interested. Do whatever you have to do. Screw whomever you need to. I can’t be bothered with your little machinations, so be sure I do not become bothered by them. Do you understand me? Do not fail me, Wallcraft.” He image flickered and disappeared without another word.

‘Rude little bitch,’ he thought to himself. He was confident that he wouldn’t need to deal with her again for some time. With every tie to Project Jezebel eliminated from public record and every agent dead, he could sit back and continue enjoying the life of a Kolson don in Khayr ad-Din.

He wiped his face on his sleeve and sighed in disgust. He was going to enjoy a good nap in the comfort of his climate-controlled apartment. In fact, he decided he was taking the rest of the day off; no one could tell him otherwise. Being boss had its perks. 

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