Friday, July 6, 2012


Tying up loose ends! Or perhaps pulling on them, depending on your perspective. Last night's session saw Our Heroes (tm) deal with the aftermath of Pinky's death and try to stop Tatsugoro from getting his revenge before we had a chance to milk his target for information. Oh, and got shot at. Because it isn't a proper session of Heavy Gear until someone's been shot.

[Our Heroes (tm) wake up after a night of drinking.]
Georges the GM: "Roll health."
Brock: *rolls* "Eight. I'm feeling glorious!"
Julie: "Drinking suits you. You should do it more often."

[Lyta doesn't roll quite so high on her health check.]
Lyta: "Mornings would be better if they came later."

[Tatsugoro wakes up to find Karin Hassan in the hotel room, waiting to take the PCs to a meeting with Tom Chambers.]
Tatsugoro: "How drunk did we get last night? I don't remember her being here."

[In the car to the meeting, Karin Hassan apologizes for looking up our profiles, in which she discovered that we are from Baja.]
Lyta: "You'll have to forgive Lukas -- he doesn't feel guilty very often, so he doesn't know what to do with it when he sees it."
Lukas: "She has nothing to feel guilty for."
Lyta: "That's precisely my point."

[At the meeting, Tom Chambers asks Our Heroes (tm) not to kill Marius Wallcraft, local Kolson head, whose men killed Pinky.]
Lukas: "Are you asking us nicely not to retaliate?"
Tom Chambers: "I'm asking you... as nicely as I can."

[The problem with not killing Wallcraft, obviously, is that Tatsugoro really, really wants to.]
Torgath: "What if some entirely unconnected group of people kill Wallcraft? Like, what if they had hats?"

[Back in the car with Karin Hassan, Lukas picks up the thread of the former conversation.]
Lukas: "Do you feel bad that our parents are dead, or do you fee bad for prying?"
Torgath: "I don't feel bad that my parents are dead."
Brock: "Influence minus-one!"

[Digging through our files, Karin has found out our last name, our birthdays, and that we're from Baja.]
Lukas: "So you found all this out from just our first names?"
Lyta: "Worst. kept. secret. on Terra Nova."

[We return to the hotel room.]
Julie: "Is Tatsugoro still here?"
Georges the GM: "No."
Julie: "That worries me."

[Lukas reflects on our conversation with Tom Chambers.]
Lukas: "He doesn't like to give orders, does he? He's terrible at it."

[Lyta lets slip that she and Tom Chambers had a conversation in which they discussed Ti, and then leaves the room.]
Ti Corovan: "I'm uncomfortable with Lyta and Tom talking about me."
Lukas: "I'm glad that it makes you uncomfortable."
Ti Corovan: "Now I regret having told you that."

[Our Heroes (tm) receive a call from Nicosa Renault, instructing them to meet one of her contacts at a construction site on the west side of the city.]
Julie: "I look up. No one ever looks up."
Georges the GM: "Roll notice."
Julie: *rolls* "Four."
Georges the GM: "You see concrete."
Julie: "I look up; I just do it incompetently."

[On the floor of the construction site is a still-glowing glow stick, and another one further on.]
Torgath: "I've read stories about this. The glow sticks lead to a gingerbread house."

[Reflecting on why Nicosa Renault would want all three siblings at the meeting.]
Lukas: "She either wants all our input, or she wants to liquidate us."

[We meet with Nicosa Renault's contact, and determine that we will need to have another meeting in a few hours to give him some information.]
Contact: "How well do you know Khayr ad-Din?"
Lukas: "Well enough to hope we're staying at the second-best hotel in the city."
Contact: "Sorry to disappoint, but you're actually at the best."

[Discovering that we've been followed, Nicosa Renault's contact speeds down a zipline to an adjacent building, his long coat billowing behind him.]
Ariel: "Our contact was Batman?"
Georges the GM: "It looked like a batman."

[To avoid the shootout on the ground floor, Our Heroes (tm) decide to take the same zipline. Lukas is less than reassuring.]
Lyta: "We gonna hope he doesn't cut the wire?"
Lukas: *shrugs*

[The only problem with taking the zipline is that it's so thin, it'll cut through our carabiners before we get across if we go at full speed.]
Lukas: "You're gonna have to go as fast as you can, as slow as you can."

[We start to traverse the zipline.]
Georges the GM: "How well you roll indicates how fast you get across without plummeting to your death."

[At the far end of the zipline, Lyta notices a bomb on the same pillar that's tethering the wire. She's only partially successful at her roll to render it harmless.]
Georges the GM: "You think so long as you're holding it, you're disrupting the transmission, but you are holding a bomb."

[Torgath follows Lyta on the zipline.]
Lyta: "You set up your gun; I'm gonna stand here and try not to explode."

[After the firefight, Lukas calls Ti to ask him to send the information we got from the vault -- information that Nicosa Renault wants -- to Torgath.]
Ti Corovan: "You have a lead?"
Lukas: "Let's just say I trust Torgath's peculiar way of putting things together."
Ariel: "Like putting together these files and Nicosa Renault."

[Tatsugoro has agreed to meet with the PCs after siesta.]
Ti Corovan: "How much trouble can he get into in six hours?"
Lukas: "Oh, a lot."
Ti Corovan: "Yeah, that's what I was afraid of."

[We meet Nicosa Renault's contact again and give him the information. It takes about 30 seconds.]
Contact: "I'd invite you in, but I don't have any refreshments."
Lukas: "We'd stay, but we have another engagement."

[We meet up with Tatsugoro at long last.]
Tatsugoro: "What do you know about the Kolsons?"
Lukas: "More than we did this morning."
Torgath: "We know there are five less of them."
Lukas: "Probably."

[Tatsugoro explains his intentions.]
Tatusgoro: "I'm going to kill Wallcraft."
Lukas: "That's a laudable plan."
Tatsugoro: "Also has the virtue of being a simple plan."

[Lukas tries to get Tatsugoro to delay killing Wallcraft.]
Lukas: "My idea of vengeance involves the total destruction of my enemies."

[Tatsugoro asks Torgath's advice.]
Tatsugoro: "What do your books say?"
Lukas: "Usually there's a delay and a period of feigned madness."

[Tatsugoro isn't convinced that Lukas' way is the right way. Lukas tries harder to convince him.]
Lukas: "I've probably been contemplating revenge in general longer than you have in specific."
Tatsugoro: "I am fairly certain I don't know what that means."

[Lukas gives the 60,000 dinar we recovered from Pinky's locker to Tatsugoro to give to Pinky's family.]
Lukas: "I'll put that in the minus column."
Georges the GM: "The rare minus column."
Torgath: "Are you feeling all right?"

[Meanwhile, Lyta is getting progressively more drunk.]
Lyta: "Tom says Ti should kiss me."
Torgath: "We've been saying that for months."
Lyta: *sighs* "Yeah."

[Torgath reflects further on Lyta's conversation with Tom Chambers.]
Torgath: "You sure the Doc doesn't want to jump you?"
Lyta: "Yeah. He's got someone."
Torgath: "...Wow, I totally read that situation wrong."

[More and more drunk...]
Torgath: "Are you drunk for Pinky?"
Lyta: "...You're an idiot."

[Torgath brings his concerns about Lyta to Lukas.]
Torgath: "Lukas, Lyta's acting weird and it's freaking me out."
Lukas: "Just stop talking with her. It's what we do with you."
Torgath: "...That explains a lot."

[In the midst of her drunkenness, Ti calls Lyta. She explains her conversation with Chambers.]
Ti Corovan: "He uses his knowledge of people's psyches to twist them and get information out of them."
Lyta: "Oh. I guess it worked."

[Lyta says more in her drunken conversation with Ti than she intended, then passes out.]
Lukas: "She's gonna be feeling the consequences of both the drinking and that conversation."

[Karin Hassan meets up with Lukas and Torgath. Lukas asks her out on a date.]
Lukas: "Have you eaten?"
Karin Hassan: "...I could eat again."

[Instead of eating, Karin suggests they pick up her Gear from the Guild headquarters.]
Karin: "How about I show you the faster side of KAD?"
Ariel: "Is that a euphemism?"

[It turns out that Nicosa Renault's contact was none other than Kain Delacroix.]
Ariel: "Kain is Batman?"

[Georges the GM discusses his method for playing Kain.]
Georges the GM: "I was just trying to talk the way Brock would talk to Brock."

And that's it for this week. Next week, we hopefully get ourselves to a point where we can do a brief time-lapse, because it'll be our last game for a month. See you then!

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