Friday, November 30, 2012


Let the ridiculous ideas continue! This week, Our Heroes (tm) planned and began to execute the real reason they were in Port Arthur in the first place: the rescue of Christina Katchelli from the world's most inescapable prison. As they say in the movies, getting in is the easy part...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI: The one left standing

35 Sping, 1926

Lukas had long known that he could judge his sister’s mood by her body language. When she was focused, she was as still as a statue, whether sitting at a table or balanced on the edge of a balcony. When she was irritated, she would drum her fingers or tap her foot. When she was tense, she would stretch or run her hands along a couch seam or a table edge. The larger the moment, the more agitated she was. It was one of the reasons he’d told her on multiple occasions that she was piss-poor at cards.

He couldn’t tell her that now. Sedated on his makeshift stretcher, he couldn’t tell her anything. And he certainly couldn’t notice that she was not only pacing the length of the homestead, but also clenching and unclenching her hands, pounding them against the walls, and tearing her gaze between his unconscious form and the northeast window.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI: Point Of View

“I’m fine” Todd was repeating as Lyta looked over his wounds. He let her work,because it kept her busy and he was afraid that if she kept fidgeting over Lukas’ bandages she would reopen something. Lukas’ legs were in a bad way and Todd wondered if he would be left with a permanent limp. Feeling the sand blow across his bare arms and legs, he realised Lukas had taken those bullets to save his unprotected skin.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI : Caught in the Milieu Mit You

The Wagoneer came to a halt 50 meters to her left with a slight shriek of its brakes. Gabrielle had her rifle bearing on the dirty windshield. Forty metres in front of her, Quinn was lying face down in the sand, his blood greedily being soaked up by the dry ground. Fifty metres to her left, Kes was approaching when Gabrielle ordered her to stop. At first she didn’t comply, so Gabrielle brought her rifle to bear on Quinn’s figure again. That did it. Even at this distance and with the rising heat of Helios’ ascent it was the fire in Kes’ eyes which Gabrielle felt most acutely.

Fools rush in

Lukas was tired. He had barely slept in--what was it? 48 hours? 60? It felt like days, but another hour should see the job done.

He knew his edge was slipping. Jumping Vulpei may have been a fatal miscalculation. Sending him to help Todd may have been. Double-crossing Dawn may have been.

Self-doubt? Lukas mentally chided himself. Self-indulgence.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI: There but for the grace of the Prophet

Everything had gone wrong.

Sand was still swirling in small vortexes around the barren land south of the abandoned homestead but she had a clear view of the approaching antelope jeep bearing Quinn and Vulpei.


A traitor in our midst! When Our Heroes (tm) were forced to wipe out the remaining Northerners holed up in the abandoned homestead, one of our own turned tail and ran, and then proceeded to take Torgath hostage and gun down Lukas. Things... are not going so well for Our Heroes (tm). It may be time for drastic action.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Pop quiz: you're dealing with an enemy that has more guns, more men, and a superior entrenched position. What do you do? (What. do. you. do?)

Well, if you're Our Heroes (tm), you storm the front gate. They'll never see it coming!

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