Friday, November 30, 2012


Let the ridiculous ideas continue! This week, Our Heroes (tm) planned and began to execute the real reason they were in Port Arthur in the first place: the rescue of Christina Katchelli from the world's most inescapable prison. As they say in the movies, getting in is the easy part...

[Josh couldn't make it to the game, so we entrusted his character Ennik to deal with interrogating the still-alive Northerners and collecting the various equipment.]
Brock: "We trust Ennik, thou good and faithful NPC."

[After two days, Lukas finally wakes up in a hospital bed. He is still insistent that we go through with the 'rescue Katchelli' plan.]
Ennik: "In any event, I'm going to go."
Lukas: "See, Ennik thinks it's a good idea."
Lyta: "He didn't say that."
Ennik: "I didn't say that."

[Lukas receives a visitor.]
Georges the GM: "Tom Chambers arrives with a small bottle of champagne."
Lukas: "Let's celebrate having all our legs attached!"

[Chambers immediately checks out Lukas' hospital chart.]
Torgath: "Are you supposed to be looking at that? Isn't it a breach of... something that shouldn't be breached?"
Tom Chambers: "If it were a secret, it wouldn't just be out in the open."
Lukas: "Remember that the next time we visit Doc Chambers."

[Lyta is not keen on the 'go into the diamond mines' plan.]
Tom Chambers: "I'll leave you to your recuperation."
Lyta: "Thanks. We have an argument to get back to."
Lukas: "Who's arguing?"

[Lyta informs Lukas that Vulpei told her he loved her.]
Lyta: "Stupid dramatic Southerner."
Lukas: "You seem very negative about this new boyfriend of yours."
Lyta: "I will take this bottle and spill it all over you."

[Lukas receives another visitor.]
Jimmy Croyden: "So, things did not go according to plan, I see."
Lukas: "Well, they went according to Plan G."

[Jimmy does not realize that Lukas is crazy devoted to his missions.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Of course, I'd be happy to scrap the whole--"
Lukas: "We're still going on the first window."
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, I admire your... insanity."

[Not only is Lukas planning on going through with the mission, he has new requirements for Jimmy.]
Jimmy Croyden: "So you want me to... find somebody willing to go in with you."
Lukas: "Somebody talky."

[Jimmy contemplates Lukas' new request.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Forget the heart attack; I might just have an aneurism trying to think of someone."
Lukas: "Then it's good you've got at least 36 hours to think about it."

[Jimmy and Lukas haggle on the price for exfiltrating one or two other people from the mines.]
Lukas: "What sort of consideration would you give for information on what happened at the homestead?"
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, isn't that convenient? Something just popped into your head, did it?"

[They also haggle on how much Jimmy will knock off the top if Lukas helps him protect his reputation regarding the Vulpei job.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Let's say 5,000."
Lukas: "I didn't know your reputation was so cheap. If I'd known, I would have bought you out long ago."

[Lukas promises Jimmy that he'll look into what went down on the homestead. Which, naturally, he knows already.]
Lukas: "I'll try my best over the next 36 hours."
Jimmy Croyden: "Don't strain yourself too much."
Torgath: "That means he'll make me do it."

[The conversation wraps up.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, I'm glad we're all reasonable people."
Lukas: "See, I didn't even accuse you of sending us out there to die. That's how reasonable I am."
Jimmy Croyden: "...Now, why did you have to go and say that?"

[Jimmy sums up the conversation.]
Jimmy Croyden: "I do like to give fair warning that it is..."
Lukas: "An impossible task?"
Jimmy Croyden: "Difficult."

[The next day, Minnie arrives with a small bouquet of flowers. It is much smaller than the ones left by Jimmy Croyden and sent by Dawn.]
Torgath: "That one's from Jimmy. There's probably a bug in it."
Georges the GM: "I'm surprised no one's checked."

[Lyta has fetched Minnie, but she didn't say how Lukas got into the hospital.]
Minnie: "I was thinking maybe you could be a little more descriptive on what happened."
Lukas: "Oh. I was shot."
Torgath: "A bunch."

[Lukas assures Minnie that he intends to go through with the mission.]
Lukas: "Also, I need to know what we can go in with. And by we, I mean they."

[Lukas asks Minnie if she can get some contraband drugs for the operatives to smuggle in. Naturally, they will have to be well hidden. Very well hidden.]
Julie: "I save your life, and look what you do to me!"
Brock: "Business as usual."

[Minnie sums up the situation.]
Minnie: "It seems like you are now officially -- and against your will -- on vacation."

[Minnie passes a microchip to Lukas by French-kissing him. Georges the GM hands Brock a small microchip prop.]
Ariel: "You're not gonna give it to him the same way she did?"
Georges the GM: "...No."
Brock: "There's only so much realism that's necessary."

[Minnie asks that Lukas stay away from her for about a week.]
Minnie: "I hope you don't take it personally."
Lukas: "I don't take it personally. Because I don't understand."

[Torgath has remained in sporadic contact with Dawn because she has his phone.]
Lukas: "Tell her there's no hard feelings."
Lyta: "I have hard feelings!"

[We realize there's a bug in the flower arrangement Dawn sent. We keep it around anyway and make small talk, so as not to arouse her suspicion that we found it.]
Lukas: "So... Dawn liked the book, eh? That's good."
Georges the GM: "You guys suck at small talk."

[Torgath does some research and discovers that Vulpei had been a gold-medal fencer in the 1912 Olympics.]
Georges the GM: "Jackpot!"
Ariel: "That's not just a jackpot, that's a kingpot."
Julie and Georges the GM: "Kingpot!"
Georges the GM: "It bears repeating. In unison."

[Minnie sends over a box of pastries, in which are contained the drugs Lukas asked for.]
Lukas: "Don't eat my pastries. Seriously. Do not eat them."

[The question is, how to get the drugs into the prison?]
Lukas: "Start on a liquid diet."
Julie: "This is, admittedly, not where I thought this game would be going."

[Jimmy Croyden returns to tell Lukas that the soonest he can get someone appropriate to join the team would be in a week.]
Lukas: "It occurs to me that I have met someone with the exact skill set I require."
Jimmy Croyden: (suspiciously) "...Grand."

[Lukas springs his idea on Jimmy.]
Lukas: "So, what do you say?"
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, I'd be happy to assist you in any way I can."
Lukas: "I'm glad you said that. Because the best way you can assist me is to go in with them."
Jimmy Croyden: "No."
Billy Croyden: "No fuckin' way."
Julie: "Wow, you shocked Billy into talking."

[Jimmy reflects on Lukas' suggestion.]
Jimmy Croyden: "And to surprise me twice in a week. Especially on your deathbed."
Lukas: "Injury bed."
Jimmy Croyden: "That remains to be seen."

[Lukas springs his super-secret knowledge from Minnie.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Why would any man willingly go down there?"
Lukas: "I think the more relevant question is, why would any man go down there twice?"

[Jimmy is a predictable sort, in the end.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Incentivize me."

[Jimmy has asked for a lot of money and some very sensitive information.]
Lukas: "Do you want to know who the other person we're breaking out is?"
Jimmy Croyden: "If this is your cherry on the top, I'm interested."
Lukas: "It's Baakov."
Jimmy Croyden: "...Shit. Well, if I had any doubts I was burning my bridges in Port Arthur, you've certainly poured napalm on them."

[Lukas also mentions that the reason we're breaking Baakov out is because Tom Chambers is paying for it. The very same Tom Chambers that Jimmy intends to fleece as part of his payment.]
Jimmy Croyden: "It's very rare in my line of business to run into a... conflict of interest."

[Lukas explains how there's no conflict of interest.]
Lukas: "I have no contractual obligation to him."
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, I see everything needs to be finely worded in contracts with you."

[Lukas has no problem fleecing Chambers after we break his guy out of the inescapable prison.]
Jimmy Croyden: "You've got a remarkably nimble mind. I appreciate that."

[Jimmy has agreed to come with us.]
Georges the GM: "If you guys ask, he will regale you with nothing about his past."

[We will be going down into the mine tomorrow evening. Sadly, Torgath is still wounded. We try to figure out how much he's healed in the few days we've been back in town.]
Julie: "I'm in favor of any interpretation that makes you the least wounded."
Ariel: "I agree."

[Torgath reflects on the fact that he's still lightly wounded going down into the mine.]
Torgath: "I'm fine! And right now, I have all the drugs inside me, so if I need them, I have access to them."

[We prepare to enter the mine.]
Jimmy Croyden: "I'm being well paid. I can't imagine why you're doing it."
Lyta: "Neither can I."

[Jimmy's the one who knows the layout of the mine, and more importantly, how to get out.]
Lyta: "So, you're my best friend for the next four days."
Jimmy Croyden: "And given that I'm leaving my shadow behind, you're my best friend."

[We realize we have one teeny-tiny detail that we've overlooked.]
Julie: "So, our implants aren't going to explode our heads when we leave the mine, right?"
Georges the GM: "That's what Lukas told you. Which is what Minnie told him."
Ariel: "What's our plan for disabling the implants on the two people we're getting out?"
Georges the GM: "I was hoping that wouldn't come up until later."

[We are processed before entering the mine.]
Ennik: "Ah, prison. I have no fond memories."

[It looks like all the prisoners have abandoned the original barracks/common areas and have apparently moved the mines proper.]
Ariel: "Oh, shit! They've become Morlocks!"

[We meet a member of the 'welcoming committee.']
Prisoner: "Everything's down that hall. Food's down that hall. Hard work's down that hall. Death's down that hall."
Jimmy Croyden: "Ah, and maybe you'd be good enough to tell us how to avoid that death part."

[Also with the PCs and Jimmy are five recently-incarcerated prisoners, being brought to the mines at the same time.]
Prisoner: "You in the war, boy?"
Jimmy Croyden: "I was."
Prisoner: "Who'd you fight for?"
Jimmy Croyden: "That all depends on who you fought for."

[Jimmy explains that the PCs are all in for murder, except Ennik who was arrested for cannibalism. The thuggish prisoners are not impressed.]
Prisoner: "We're in for white-collar crime."
Jimmy Croyden: "You look the type. A cut above."
Prisoner: "We... embezzled. Many paper clips."

[The prisoner tries to figure out what the heck we're really in for.]
Prisoner: "Who you work for? Kolsons? Shannons?"
Jimmy Croyden: "None of that little stuff."
Prisoner: *stares at him*

[Jimmy explains the plan. Well, part of it.]
Jimmy Croyden: "The first person to make trouble with us, Lyta beats savagely."
Lyta: "Savagely. Got it."
Ariel: "Thankfully, they don't have light flak."
Brock: "You'll be much more effective down here."

[When Jimmy was last here, there was a trolly-track that descended six hours into the mine. Now there's a 15-minute elevator ride.]
Georges the GM: "Luckily, none of them know that Jimmy knows almost nothing about this place, now that it's changed."

[We're taken to the entrance to the mine tunnels, where we're handed our equipment by a female prisoner. She, naturally, also wants to know what we're in for.]
Jimmy Croyden: "We got into a barfight with some people we later discovered were members of SecBuro."
Prisoner: (incredulously) "You got into a fight with SecBuro?"
Jimmy Croyden: "They started it."
Perison: "Well, you're cut out to be Subs."
Ennik: (whispering) "I don't think we want to be Subs."

And that's it for this week! Next week, four days in hell as we try to find our targets and get them out before we're killed by hardened murderers and thugs. Fun times, fun times...

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