Friday, November 16, 2012


A traitor in our midst! When Our Heroes (tm) were forced to wipe out the remaining Northerners holed up in the abandoned homestead, one of our own turned tail and ran, and then proceeded to take Torgath hostage and gun down Lukas. Things... are not going so well for Our Heroes (tm). It may be time for drastic action.

[We reflect on the fact that Brock has saved up nearly 50 xp.]
Ariel: "Are you thinking of buying up a stat?"
Brock: "Maybe. Plastic surgery is cheap, but changing your appearance is expensive."

[As you may recall, we left last session with Frank Katz, our Northern hostage, unexpectedly dead. Lukas breaks the news to Vulpei.]
Lukas: "My hostage is dead."
Alain Vulpei: "The Northerner?"
Lukas: "No, the other hostage."
Alain Vulpei: "..."
Lukas: "Yes, the Northerner!"
Alain Vulpei: "That was... careless."

[Vulpei realizes why Lukas is telling him all this.]
Alain Vulpei: "You think I did it."
Lukas: "You're not the only person that I think did it."

[Lukas parleys with Frank Katz's second in command, Thomas, to arrange the handing-over of the hostage. Whom Lukas neglects to mention is dead.]
Thomas: "How do we know you won't just shoot him?"
Lukas: "You don't."
Thomas: "That is unacceptable."

[Thomas asks to talk to Katz.]
Brock: "I go back to the other room."
Julie: "He's still dead."

[Lukas tries to impersonate Frank Katz's voice, in a language Lukas does not speak.]
Lukas: (as Frank Katz) "Take the truck and go."
Georges the GM: *rolls 6 on calling Lukas' bluff*
Julie: "This is where the shooting starts."

[The shooting starts. While most of Our Heroes (tm) are distracted with the Northerners, Dawn drops a flash-bang grenade and runs. Toragath catches up to her.]
Torgath: "Why did you do it?"
Julie: "Really? Even I know the answer to that one."

[I did not, in fact, know the correct answer. Indeed, it turns out that Dawn is a Northern spy sent to capture Vulpei.]
Torgath: "How did you get hired to protect him?"
Dawn: "Duh. It's call infiltration."
Torgath: "Oh. That's not how we do it. Probably more effective to do it your way."

[Dawn offers to hire us to hand over Vulpei.]
Torgath: "I think we need to know why."
Dawn: "I think you need to know how much."

[Dawn is driving away our Wagoneer, with Torgath inside. There's been a brief firefight, mostly ineffectual. Dawn decides to up the ante.]
Ariel: "Did Georges just roll boxcars on her throw?"
Brock: "Gotta admire a woman who'll throw a grenade in the bus she's driving."

[Torgath tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together.]
Torgath: "Why didn't she kill him when she had him alone?"
Georges the GM: (tauntingly) "Yes, why didn't she?"
Brock: "This is why you shouldn't kill her until we have answers to these questions."

[Torgath also escalates the situation.]
Ariel: "I flash-bang her."
Brock: "Remember that you're in that bus."

[Torgath has been shot and flash-banged. And he's alone on a bus with Dawn, far from the help of his siblings.]
Ariel: "Should I surrender?"
Brock: "You're the one in the extremely poor tactical situation."

[Dawn tells Torgath to remove all his weapons, including his drevis knife.]
Torgath: "It's a family heirloom."
Dawn: "That is a sandrider knife. Interesting."
Torgath: "My uncle Lewis was a sandrider."

[All the stuff that's been happening with Dawn has, sadly, not been on open comms.]
Lukas: "Doc, what's your situation?"
Torgath: "I've surrendered."
Lukas: "...I see."

[Dawn agrees to hand back Torgath in exchange for us handing over Vulpei. Lukas and Lyta try to subdue him as he keeps breaking free and grabbing Lukas' weapons. Sadly, despite a three-dice pool, I didn't roll above a 3 the whole combat.]
Lukas: "You're coming very close to failing us for the last time."
Lyta: "Please, I'm gonna fail you tons more times."

[We finally subdue Vulpei.]
Lukas: "You are a slippery son of a bitch."
Alain Vulpei: "I am clearly less of a contortionist than you. You are capable of great feats in twisting your word."
Lukas: (deadpan) "You wound me."

[Torgath wakes up in the sand outside the Wagoneer.]
Georges the GM: "You're down to just pants and shirt."
Ariel: "That's odd."
Georges the GM: "Really?"

[Lukas' original plan was to drive up to the prisoner exchange and shoot Dawn in the head. Sadly, Dawn is not visible. She instructs Lukas to send out Vulpei and have him cut Torgath's bonds. Lukas hesitates.]
Dawn: "You have my instructions."
Lukas: "Yeah, I'm just trying to decide if I want to follow them."

[Neither Lukas nor Lyta can spot Dawn. Lukas asks Vulpei for help.]
Alain Vulpei: "When I use a rifle, I am not where people expect me to be."
Julie: "I check my own foxhole."
Georges the GM: "She's not there."

[Alain Vulpei is fairly certain that Lukas has betrayed him, despite Lukas' assurances that he hasn't. Consequently, he's not being very helpful.]
Lukas: "What would you like to do?"
Alain Vulpei: "What I would like is for us to never have gotten in this situation and for your friend to have taken a bullet like any good bodyguard."

[Lukas has instructed Vulpei to take Torgath and run under the Wagoneer.]
Vulpei: "What if she starts shooting at us as soon as we move toward the bus?"
Lukas: "Be good at dodging."

[Torgath is already fairly wounded.]
Ariel: "If she shoots me again, I'm dead."
Brock: "Don't get shot."

[Dawn's first shot was a masterful hit at Lukas' antelope's engine block, meaning that we have no means of escape.]
Brock: "This plan got much worse when she shot the car."

[Dawn shoots Lukas. He's not doing very well.]
Brock: (to Ariel) "It would be really nice if you ran over her with a bus right now."

[Torgath and Vulpei get in the bus, with Vulpei driving and Torgath still trying to assemble his break-down rifle. Sadly, Vulpei still isn't over his sense of being betrayed and pulls a gun on Torgath.]
Torgath: "This is balls. Do you want me to get naked too?"

[Torgath, in retaliation, holds up a frag grenade.]
Alain Vulpei: "We are both advantaged by you not dropping the grenade. How does dropping the grenade help your friends?"

And that's it for this week. Next week... bad thing happen.

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