Friday, July 22, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles – Chapter IV : Spilling Over

The lieutenant looked more amused than apologetic despite her protestations. She was young, quite pretty in her way and doing a decent job of suppressing her bemusement. She was a Badlander, one of the new breed of officers trained at the academy, a sign of things to come. Major Stone wiped ineffectually at the darkening spot where the cawfee was soaking into his uniform. She offered to buy him another cup, to pay for the dry-cleaning, finally escalating to fetching her superior officer another uniform personally as she realized her charm, looks and smart attitude were not impressing this major as they had so many others along her career path.


Last night's session was mostly set-up for our next mission ("Prevent astrophysicist from getting kidnapped"). We didn't actually *find* the astrophysicist, mind you, but we *did* meet an NPC who was so hilarious that I laughed until I couldn't breathe. So that must mean it's time for quotes!

Monday, July 18, 2011


It's been a few days, but better late than never! Last week's session saw us abduct "Mr. Smith," the man responsible for our botched operation and Lukas' and Ennik's capture by the enemy. A little fighting, a little heavy-handed interrogation... it has all the makings of interesting quotes!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - Purpose

Ti got off the maglev and navigated automatically through the TNTR station. Inside the smell of of Khayr ad-Din was washed through air purifiers and climate control. This place gave him a strange feeling of nostalgia, not quite of coming home but of comfortable familiarity. But he had been feeling it for a couple of days, ever since he had first seen the Lassanders through the camera eye in his detention center in Mainz. ‘What were the odds,’ he thought to himself.

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - Falling Face-First

She was on the floor, face-down, and couldn't move. She could feel the grain of the wood as it pressed against her face and hands. She grunted and spun, twisting out of the near-pin. She caught sight of him as she looked behind her and used her momentum to aim a kick directly at his face.

It stopped less than an inch from Ti Corovan's nose.

He raised his hands in surrender. "All right, all right. You win this one."

Lyta dropped her leg and clambered to her feet, panting. "Again?"

Ti pushed himself off the ground and breathed deep. "In a minute."


Last night's session was pretty much start-to-finish combat. The game started after a time lapse of three cycles, to 1925, and saw Lyta and Torgath team up with our old friend Ti Corovan to rescue Lukas and Ennik from the clutches of Bad People (tm). Thankfully, no one got killed. At least, no one on our side, and that's the important thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - No Apologies

35 Winter, 1925

He awoke slowly, trying to discern nightmare form reality. The cell was dark and at first his eyes didn’t know if they were still closed or staring at darkness. Finally, he had to admit he was awake because he hurt too much to be unconscious. He tried to sit up and found his bruised abdomen screamed a painful protest. He suppressed a grunt and tried again, rolling to his side; it still hurt.

“Welcome back, sunshine"

Koreshi Chronicles: Chapter IV - Principles

Special investigator Priti Raja Khahn never made her work personal. Violent crimes were more and more common in Prince Gable, and the homicide cases which fell under the purview of her department increased with the economic prosperity and increased criminal activity that Prince Gable’s prosperity enticed. She knew how to take in every detail of a crime scene without letting the crime go beyond a professional and analytical interest. It was an old survival mechanism and this time it was failing her.

“Priti, I want to know who did this.” Marshal Tourian’s voice trembled with barely controlled rage. He was venting and she knew it, so she ignored him and passed into that abstracted world of details, causality, science and human nature which turned a corpse into a puzzle which she then set about solving.

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