Friday, July 22, 2011


Last night's session was mostly set-up for our next mission ("Prevent astrophysicist from getting kidnapped"). We didn't actually *find* the astrophysicist, mind you, but we *did* meet an NPC who was so hilarious that I laughed until I couldn't breathe. So that must mean it's time for quotes!

[Sometimes, the skills just aren't where you need them.]
Brock (to Ariel): "Do you have enough mechanics to make white sand ammo?"
Josh: "I've got tinker at 2/+2, if you want to trust me with the secret recipe."
Brock: "Which clearly we don't."

[Wait, which game are we playing again?]
Georges the GM: "I feel like you're kitting out for a dungeon crawl."
Ariel: "Well, Julie has the 10-foot pole and the rope."

[Torgath decides to buy a rare-ish first-edition book.]
Georges the GM: "You don't have haggle or anything, do you?"
Ariel: "...No."
Georges the GM: "The bookstore keeper is very happy."

[We arrive in Port Arthur, home to 100,000 genetically-modified super-soldiers who now have no war to fight.]
Georges the GM: "They drink to try to repress their rampaging tendencies."
Josh: "How's that working out for them?"
Georges the GM: "Not very well."

[Shortly after arriving in Port Arthur.]
Josh: "I go to my Gear."
Georges the GM: "You're being tailed."
Josh: "...I go to the Gear next to mine."

[Lukas is looking for a place we can use as an emergency safe house in the very run-down Southern Quarter.]
Brock: "I look for a more decrepit place."
Georges the GM: "The more decrepit place only has two walls."
Brock: "...I need a medium-decrepit place."

[We lead the guys who were tailing Ennik into an ambush and subdue three of them. Ennik, meanwhile, gets into a gunfight with the last guy and kills him. After which we realize we don't actually know who any of them are.]
Lukas: "You shot and killed a guy we may not even be enemies with yet?!"
Ennik: "When you put it like that..."

[The guy Ennik killed was Big Mike. We question the guys we kept alive, who are hired muscle without much brain.]
Lukas: "Who do you guys work for?"
Goon: "You're not gonna get mad?"
Lukas: "I'm not gonna get mad."
Goon: "...Big Mike."

[The questioning continues. Though not very effectively.]
Lukas: "You guys in the habit of following random people from the caravansery?"
Goon: "Oh, we don't follow random people."
Lukas: "So, who do you follow?"
Goon: "Specific people."

[Realizing that the guys who had been following us pretty much had no idea why they were doing it.]
Lukas: "I'm starting to think this is a big misunderstanding."
Goon: "I'm inclined to agree."

[One of the goons, Matt, tries to grasp the concept of metaphor and fails utterly.]
Lukas: "You have any deep affection for the Forzi genealogy?"
Matt: "Genea... what?"
Lukas: "You care about having an 'F' on your shirt?"
Matt: *looks down at his shirt* "What?"

[We get the three guys we kept alive to work for us.]
Georges the GM: "You now have hired goons. How unexpected."

[The Officers' Quarter is where we suspect the astrophysicist lives. Sadly, it's also off-limits.]
Georges the GM: "No way you're getting into the Officers' Quarter in a Gear without incurring... a hovertank."

[After Lukas has hired the goons.]
Lukas: "Here's your guns back. Don't shoot me. You won't like what my sister would do to you."

[Lukas tries to get information out of the hired goons. Clearly, they're not used to this.]
Lukas: "Where do the scientists hang out?"
Perry: "...You sure you don't want me to beat somebody up, boss?"

And that's it for this week. More to come after Pennsic, when hopefully we'll actually *find* the astrophysicist, the better to protect her.

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