Monday, July 18, 2011


It's been a few days, but better late than never! Last week's session saw us abduct "Mr. Smith," the man responsible for our botched operation and Lukas' and Ennik's capture by the enemy. A little fighting, a little heavy-handed interrogation... it has all the makings of interesting quotes!

[The answer to the eternal question: When is cowardice not cowardice?]
Josh: "It's not cowering when you don't get hit."

[Lyta knocks out Mr. Smith and begins dragging him back to our waiting car, all while being shot at by Mr. Smith's bodyguards.]
Georges the GM: "The bodyguard has to hesitate because Mr. Smith is in the way."
Julie: "Yay, human shield!"

[When you're on the wrong side of the law, why not go all the way?]
Ariel: "We're gonna have to use all our money to fix up the elan... or we could just steal another one."
Brock: "That's the more likely scenario."

[Lukas shows up midway through the combat, in another car.]
Brock: "I drive over the median and hit the bad guy."
Georges the GM: "...He did not see that coming."
Brock: "Surprise!"

[Somehow, I get the sense the GM set us up!]
Josh: "Y'know what would have been great here? A heavy gear. Whose idea was it to not bring it? Oh, yeah, the GM's!"

[We get Mr. Smith into the car and begin to drive off to our safe house. Sadly, we're being chased.]
Georges the GM: "He rams into your car. Roll drive."
Ariel: "Botch."
Julie: "Oh, that's not good."

[We spin our car to block the oncoming pursuit and rush into Lukas' car, just as Bad Guy Car #1 rams into the makeshift roadblock.]
Georges the GM: "Marvel at the beauty of this cinematic moment."

[Sometimes, interrogations require advice planning. Sometimes... not so much.]
Lukas (to Mr. Smith): "I'm willing to exchange information for information. And I probably should have thought of that before I had Ennik beat the crap out of you."

[After beating up Mr. Smith pretty severely to get information out of him...]
Lukas: "I'm going to assume we can all be adult professionals about this, etc. etc. We'll pay for the... dental work..."

[Some things just put a damper on negotiations.]
Lukas: "We did just kill a bunch of your guys and brutalize you, so you can see how this would be an awkward relationship."

[Our genius mathematician, Oscar, is also apparently quite flamingly gay.]
Oscar: "You're looking very delicious today."
Torgath: "Thank you?"

[Back in the warehouse with Mr. Smith.]
Lukas: "You're interested in what I have to tell you; I'm interested in not dying and getting paid. This is the stuff of which business relationships are made."

[Things you don't want to hear when crafting your cunning plan.]
Ariel: "Can I think of any books in which this kind of information exchange goes horribly wrong?"
Georges the GM: "Actually, yes."

And now, our continuing feature... Torgath's Bookshelf!
- Business as Usual, by Margery Sanders (John Python is the protagonist)
- Outer Town, by Melanie Turette

And that's it for this week! Come back in... just a few days, actually, to see what new and exciting trouble Our Young Heroes (tm) have gotten themselves into this time!

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