Friday, July 8, 2011


Last night's session was pretty much start-to-finish combat. The game started after a time lapse of three cycles, to 1925, and saw Lyta and Torgath team up with our old friend Ti Corovan to rescue Lukas and Ennik from the clutches of Bad People (tm). Thankfully, no one got killed. At least, no one on our side, and that's the important thing.

[Lyta and Ennik enjoy a bit of meta-game talk about priorities.]
Ennik: "They have my Gear!"
Lyta: "More importantly, they have my brother."
Ennik: "I don't care about your brother!"
Lyta: "I don't care about your Gear!"

[Torgath and Lyta get picked up by some cops... who turn out to not be cops at all but rather some goons working for our old friend, Ti Corovan.]
Torgath: "Are we in trouble?"
Ti: "Yes!"

[Ennik found himself imprisoned and tortured after trying to rescue Lukas from the same situation.]
Josh: "I was doing this as a favor to Lyta and Todd. What was I thinking?!"
Brock: "No good deed goes unpunished."

[Lukas and Ennik are rescued by the rest of us.]
Lukas (re: Ennik): "I've had worse company."
Ti: "You have?"
Lukas: "You should see him when he's drinking."

[Ah, the voice of experience.]
Ennik: "I need Pigpen."
Ti: "We'll make an effort--"
Lukas: "Unless you hit him with a car, you won't win this argument."

[Georges the GM had a very large map of the catacombs where we rescued Ennik and Lukas... which we completely failed to explore. He was crestfallen.]
Georges the GM: "You're not investigating anything? It looks like it could be potentially very complex."

[Discussing an old schoolyard rival we've been told is dead.]
Brock: "Since we haven't seen his body, we can assume he'll return later as our nemesis."

[We are ambushed in trying to retake Ennik's Gear Pigpen. Torgath hides... then starts firing with an extremely powerful rifle.]
Georges the GM: "You were pretty stealthy until you became a giant cannon firing."

[More of the same.]
Ariel: "Next time, I roll stealth after firing."

[We find ourselves in a gun- and Gear-fight. The place we're fighting happens to be an old monastery.]
Georges the GM: "You blow a big hole out of the wall."
Josh: "Oh, if only I cared about archeology and history..."

[Rule #1: always have a scapegoat.]
Ti: "Are you fucking up my plan?!"
Torgath: "It's Ennik's fault."

[I'm not sure this is as sound a plan as Brock thinks it is.]
Brock: "I try to look unimportant. Maybe the enemy will be out of bullets."

[In a handful of sessions, Ennik has had his Gear confiscated twice.]
Ariel: "New rule: every time there's a chance you'll be captured, borrow someone else's Gear."

[Sometimes it all comes down to definitions.]
Torgath: "Are those guys bad guys?"
Lyta: "They're shooting at us."
Torgath: "Well, clearly they're bad for us."

[This is the problem when you're the one taking the notes.]
Georges the GM: "Ti's guys mention--"
Ariel: *points to Julie to start writing*
Julie: "I'm not your brain."
Brock: "You're the collective brain."

And now, for our continuing feature...
Torgath's Bookshelf!
- The Horrors Below, by Martina Donovan (in which genetic experiments are conducted on the poor)
- Minarets of Refuse, by Andrew Jellico (a book set in Khayd-ad Din)

And that's it for this week. Join us next time when we find out the answer to the eternal question: can two weeks of shared captivity and torture actually make Lukas and Ennik be civil to each other? Only time will tell!

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