Saturday, November 13, 2010

Noblesse Oblige

Dear Mme Hiro,

Thank you for your suggested travel destination, but I spent two cycles there. It was the field hospitals set up to deal with the incessant waves of wounded brought about by your revolution. They are understaffed, under equipped and constantly under threat.

I have seen more blood, pint for pint, spilled in your revolution than you, the Emirs and your Council combined will see in your lifetimes from your besieged palaces. I have also personally shed more blood in its pursuit than the same assembly ever will.
None the less, I understand where you are coming from and that indignation is second nature to one who grew up in a lavish lifestyle and ingrained feelings of entitlement. I understand your response and your resentment of my kind and my demands all too well.

Unlike you I have worked for everything I ever achieved. It was not given to me and I never expected anything as my due. I have seen the cost of my actions and my decisions. I was in the red streets of Lance Point as I was in Basal and Okavango. So my demands on the Free Emirates are not born of the false righteousness that comes so easily to you and your kind, it is born of scepticism laboured into this world through blood, sweat and tears.

You say there is no place on this world where my ideals reign, that does not restrain my principals it enflames them and drives me to pursue them with even greater vigour. I aspire to a world which is more perfect than this one.

I don’t claim to be a great man, but aspire to be a better one pursuing great ideals. So I understand your ire and in spite of your failings and my own I will help the Free Emirates because the cause is greater than either of us and I must bow to it. Noblesse Oblige.

With all due respect,

Dr. Tomohiro Mifune Chambers


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