Thursday, March 5, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Fennec


Initially, I wasn't going to write you at all.  I'm still not sure I shouldn't ask T1 to murderize you in your sleep.  (Or did I?  He'll never tell you in a way you can fully believe.)

But as L. pointed out, there would be some hypocrisy in being truly mad at you.  Not that I'm completely above that, but I try.

I have enclosed a bankdraft on the Guildebank that represents your share of profits since our last payout.  Since you were also working for T2 at the time, I have subtracted 50%.  You can ask him for the other half.  It occurs to me that the disaster back in that place is largely attributable to you, which puts you in an "owing" position, but, since L. was involved as well, we'll let that one go.

I have also repossessed your assigned G.  It is my position that it was granted to you under false pretenses, which renders our agreement non-binding.  However, in the spirit of benevolence and goodwill, I have left you the other model.

And though I know what you're thinking, I have paid for its reassembly and maintenance.  You can find it fully equipped in storage with the bearer of this letter.  (One of the things considered an "operational" expense, by the way.)

It's too bad that things fell out this way.  I have a lot of sympathy for fellow war orphans, and you were a welcome and valued addition to this team, though it may not always have been, perhaps never was, apparent.  But this is, as you've seen, an all-or-nothing outfit, and so here we are.

I guess it's more accurate to say here I am, since you're all "there".

Regardless, I want you to believe that I consider our business concluded, and, more specifically, that I'm not holding any grudge.

Good luck,


PS  One last thing--I've taken steps to settle matters regarding that last job and the envelopes.  I have taken care of this obligation; you and yours have nothing, I have been assured, to fear, provided you stay out of you-know-where and don't interfere with you-know-who.  It shouldn't require saying, but in the interest of clarity and accuracy, know that breaking these conditions may very well void these assurances.  They were not cheap to buy.

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