Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: Crossroads

The caravan was at the crossroads. One trade route went came from the south along the Lonely Hills within the Humanist Alliance and went northward across the Karaq Wastes, through the Port Arthur defence zone to Massada. The other moved from East to West: the road connected New Baja through Marigold on to the rebelling cities of the ESE and further afield, Jan Mayen.

The caravan had dropped off their unwilling passenger the day before after he had divulged what he knew about Matoux and the SRID. A cool wind swept North from the grasslands in the Alliance. Lyta and Ti huddled closer under the blankets outside instead of inside the longrunner. Grey cirrus raced across the sky, jealously obscuring the stars.

"It's amazing how quickly I got used to this." Ti said as he held her close.

“And tomorrow it’s all over” Lyta said, suddenly sullen.

“Hey,” Ti said with a tender smile as he rolled over to look her in the eyes, “We’ll see each other again. After everything we’ve been through I know we’re going to make this work.”

Lyta didn’t look reassured. “It’s just,“ she hesitated and Ti gave her time to formulate her feelings into words. “It’s just that it feels like I’ve lost Lukas and now I’m losing you. And now with Jonas gone and with whatever’s bothering Torgath it just seems like everything’s gone to shit and I don’t know what to do about it?”

Ti caressed her cheek. “Lukas’ll come around and I’m going to find Jonas and then I’ll be back. You concentrate on Todd and yourself. Lukas was right in his letter: Take this opportunity to find out what you want and where you belong.”

“I belong with my family.” She whispered crestfallen.

“You do, but that’s who you belong with. It doesn’t answer where you belong. Get away from this place and this life. Don’t let Lukas’ efforts be in vain and take the opportunity in my absence to find what Lyta wants out of life. The Bear has no hold over you, nor does HIRA and now neither does Lukas’s goals. Forget about MAtoux and Mark Kim. Forget about all of this. You’ve gone money and talent and your entire life ahead of you. Look into your heart and find what makes you the best Lyta you can be and pursue it.”

Lyta didn't have an answer to that so she remained silent. The high clouds swept onward, pushed by forces beyond their control and the stars remained obscured at the crossroads.

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