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A party divided! In the aftermath of Operation: Storm Creighton-1, Our Heroes (tm) attempt to move on with their various lives. Sadly, this requires even more painful partings from loved ones, and a failure to reunite with others…

[How to tell when trouble is brewing in Torgath’s love-life.]
Georges the GM: “Torgath leaves to recover with Gabrielle, but returns the next day.”
Zac: “Did Gabrielle boot you out of the pillow-fort or what?”

[Meanwhile, Lukas is off having his own adventures.]
Brock: “I have letters written out, but the long and short of it is…”
Georges the GM: “’You sons of bitches.’”

[Lukas has not gotten over the betrayal of his siblings yet.]
Brock: (to Ariel) “I’m confident that whatever happened was your fault.”

[Lukas has sent guilt-inducing letters to his siblings, delivered by the Doc.]
Zac: “I don’t get a letter?”
Brock: “Lukas doesn’t have nearly enough dirt on you to guilt-trip you properly.”

[Ti’s next step in going after the Bear is to head to the Humanist Alliance and follow the threads back from Lucian Jacobi. Obviously, this poses some problems for the PCs.]
Ti Corovan: “I realize this goes against Lukas’ wishes.”
Lyta: “It goes against people we love not dying.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas is in the Humanist Alliance, meeting with Lucian Jacobi.]
Ariel: “What are you doing there?”
Brock: “Saving all our lives.”

[As we accompany Ti to the Humanist border, he gets word that there was an attack on Fennec’s Aunt Fatty.]
Ti Corovan: “This was SRID, not HIRA.”
Brock: “Congratulations on your promotion to having your own enemies!”

[We capture Jessup Bloch, an arms dealer who had something to do with the attack on Aunt Fatty. Ti presses him for information.]
Julie: “Ti’s interrogation specialization is Stockholm Syndrome.”
Brock: “Which is why he and Lyta are still together.”

[Jessup apparently gave information on our whereabouts and dealings to the SRID, who attacked Fatty.]
Fennec: “Seems a long way to go for petty revenge.”
Jessup Bloch: “Far as I know, a whole lotta guys died on the train job, then a whole lot more at New Baja, then even more in Port Arthur or Temple Heights or both.”
Fennec: “I’m starting to see the fuller picture.”

[Jessup apparently has powerful friends.]
Ti Corovan: “He says he’s friends with a big fish named Gustafson.”
Lyta: “Oh, for fuck’s sake!”
Brock: “It’s one of the few people we’re actually afraid of. Think on that.”

[We consider what the rest of us are going to do while Ti is in the Humanist Alliance. One option is to investigate the ESE slave ring that feeds into the Alliance.]
Georges the GM: “The ESE is completely outside of Ti’s sphere, but if you have any way of operating there…”
Julie: “We don’t, but it’s never stopped us before.”

[We consider how we might investigate the slaving ring.]
Torgath: “I have a terrible plan: we should all become slaves and get captured.”

[We consider other options.]
Torgath: “We could go after Mark Kim.”
Lyta: “It’d be easier.”
Fennec: “What, going after an augmented, potentially superhuman leader of a mercenary cabal?”
Brock: “That’d be easier than going to the ESE.”

[Another option is to go after Matoux.]
Fennec: “Any goodwill with Benelice will be used up if we off her dad.”
Torgath: “Yeah. I asked her if she was okay with it and she wasn’t okay with it, but we don’t have to tell her.”

[While the rest of us try to do good in the world, Lukas is apparently working for Lucian Jacobi, bringing slaves from the ESE into the Humanist Alliance. How convenient.]
Ariel: “You don’t have any problems with trafficking slaves?”
Brock: *shrugs* “I’m gathering intel.”

[A few lesser revelations…]
Georges the GM: “The Chatterbox left with Lukas.”
Zac: “I’m not impressed, but I’m not surprised.”

[The session comes to a close.]
Georges the GM: *putting papers aside* “This was the adventure we didn’t have tonight.”
Ariel: “In the Humanist Alliance?”
Georges the GM: “Yeah.”
Zac: “But you specifically told us not to go to the Humanist Alliance.”
Georges the GM: “No, Lukas specifically told you not to go to the Humanist Alliance.”

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