Thursday, March 5, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Dear Lyta


By now you will have rejoined T2 and, I expect, performed whatever time-sensitive operation your intel permitted.  I am confident that you will have prevailed.

You can relax regarding concerns about animosity emanating from our most recent team activities.  I have made arrangements such that neither you nor T1, not anyone you care about, remains at risk.  There were conditions, though only two of them should concern you and T1:  stay out of their territory, and do not take on any work against them.  I will deal with the rest.  Regardless of how that turns out, I have been assured that you will be safe from retribution of any kind.  Please inform F. of same.

I have made financial arrangements for you as follows:

1)  One half of your money has been placed in a cash account at the Dominion Bank, under an account number corresponding to the date of your first ever ranked competition, your placement in your 3rd grade talent show, and the number of rungs on the ladder of the bunkbeds mom and dad bought for you at the summer house.

2)  The other half has been placed in an investment account at G3, Griggs, Griggs, and Gowling.  You will be unable to withdraw it for a cycle, but after that you are free to do with it as you will.  I would encourage you to leave it for a few cycles --I've made a few predictions that should pay off.  You may also use it as any time as collateral against purchases of residential or commercial property.

3)  As things progress with our legitimate business endeavours, you will receive a royalty payment processed through a series of transactions in order to conceal your links thereto.  These will be sparse in the next while but should gradually form a tidy sum paid at regular intervals.

I've calculated that this would provide sufficient means to live comfortably, were you to supplement it with the average salary paid to gymnastics trainers at any of the major institutions, and even most of the smaller ones, across Terra Nova.

I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to find something that you love and want to do, and then do it.  You have a chance now to be free.

However, given your relationship with T2, I believe that you may find yourself pulled back in, and so I have stored D. and the other J. with the bearer of this letter.  I have informed him of most of our present circumstances, though I have withheld knowledge of our extended family.  I would encourage you to do the same, and perhaps forget that branch entirely.  Above all things, you must remember that he is not to be trusted.  Transacted with, yes; relied upon, perhaps; but never trusted.  Any good will he has for you will be measured against the costs and benefits of courses of action detrimental to your well-being.  He is a useful ally, but never your friend.  I expect that he will read this letter; my position will not be a surprise to him.

You should know, and you may by now, that I knew T2 was alive for some time.  I learned it when F. and I went to K. to meet our friend regarding buying our goods.  He told me (and F.) then.  He also told me that T2 had asked him not to tell you.  He did not ask me for my promise of same.

I told you once that I knew something that you didn't, and that I couldn't tell you, and you'd be mad, so this is it.  T1 didn't know, obviously.  I still don't know what game T2 and his dad thought they were playing with me on that, but I refused to play.  I suppose you can ask T2.

Lastly, I want you to know that I accept the choice you have made, though I will never understand it.  Over the cycles, I know I have asked a lot of you, and that you have given a lot.  I have concealed information from you, and I know that damaged your trust.  But I do not understand how you could have kept this from me.  Everything I've ever done in my entire life has been for us.  I still cannot believe that you would do differently, but here we are.

I will always love you,


PS  I know you think I forgot your birthday, though you know I never forget anything.  Please look on the enclosed and remember better, happier times.

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