Sunday, April 17, 2016


Return of the Death Watch! This week, Our Heroes (tm) valiantly fought off an attack on the secret GREL research lab. And fought amongst each other. Because why fight an external enemy when you can have infighting at the same time?

[As we start the session, we are under attack. We take stock of our weapons, including Janus’ very large gun.]
Zac: “It’s like he’s compensating for something, like not being a real person.”
Georges the GM: “No, it’s just that every time he lies, the barrel grows larger.”

[We consider what we should do against the attack.]
Brock: “We’re in a city founded by militarized combat monkeys… Do we really have anything to offer here?”

[First step of any op: recon.]
Brock: “We’ll sneak, but we’ll sneak aggressively.”

[Lukas and Torgath have gone up a few floors to check out what weapons might be hiding in the survival kits. But they find more than they expected.]
Georges the GM: “You hear the sound of people rappelling down the elevator shaft.”
Brock: “Nothing says ‘surprise’ like rappelling down after them and shooting them in the back.”

[Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs and NPCs are on the bottom floor, in the lab, without any of the nifty new weapons.]
Zac: “We have sfika pistols?”
Brock: “Your choices are ‘poor’ and ‘bad’.”

[Fennec has a few ideas to slow down our enemies.]
Zac: “We can set them on fire and use up our oxygen…”
Brock: “That would be my vote.”
Zac: “We can make the floor slippery and cause them to fall down…”
Brock: “And then light them on fire!”

[The hostiles Lukas and Torgath heard a few floors above us finally reach the bottom of the elevator shaft and breach the doors.]
Julie: “So… close quarters and outnumbered. Sounds exactly like Lyta’s style.”

[Lyta deals massive damage with her quarterstaff, smashing one of the hostiles’ skulls like a watermelon.]
Julie: “I forgot to drop a die to do nonlethal damage, which means Lyta forgot to hold herself back with the staff.”

[Seeing Lyta’s attack on their comrade, and taking fire from the rest of the team, the hostiles decide to beat a hasty retreat.]
Georges the GM: “They’re clipping onto their lines.”
Julie: “Sadly the staff is not a cutting weapon.”
Zac: (pointedly) “If only you had a knife. Or a multitool.”

[Ti and Lukas are both wounded in the fight.]
Julie: *rolls a 2 on first aid for Ti*
Brock: “I told you kissing it wouldn’t make it better.”

[We have taken out two squads of four hostiles, but we know there are more in the building.]
Brock: “Make your explosives.”
Zac: “What are we gonna blow up?”
Brock: “Them.”

[We have captured one of the hostiles alive. He turns out to be a member of Death Watch and claims he’s working for Zadine Bartok.]
Colonel Bakov: “He cannot work for Bartok. Bartok is dead.”
Brock: “He knows because he has his ears on a chain in his living room.”

[We have to figure out what to do with the unknown number of remaining hostiles in the building.]
Zac: “We’re all expendable in your mind.”
Brock: “Not Torgath and Lyta. I’ve never expended them.”

[Even though we suspect the Death Watch may be trying to blow up the building, Isabella Damosa wants to stay behind and protect her data.]
Lukas: “I don’t give a shit about GRELs. Or GREL tech. Or Jan Mayen. Or anybody.”
Fennec: “Noted.”

[Lukas wants to leave with the scientists. Lyta, for once, agrees with him.]
Lukas: “Good. My preferred plan is being advocated by someone with no ideological reason to endorse it, so let’s do it.”

[Not everyone agrees with Lukas.]
Lukas: “In a second, Ti’s gonna tell us why we have to be heroes. Ready?”

[The discussion continues. Lukas decides to just leave while he can.]
Brock: “Don’t look at me – I’m not there. I can’t believe you’re even having this conversation.”

[Damosa wants to stay behind with the data. Torgath wants to stay with her. And if Damosa is staying, Bakov also wants to stay. Things are getting… complicated.]
Brock: (sarcastically) “You’re right – having the data and the top researcher destroyed is so much better. It’s good that I don’t give a shit about GRELs.”

[We head up the stairs. Most of us.]
Brock: “Where’s Torgath?”
Georges the GM: “Torgath… did not come.”

[In the end, we find the rest of the Death Watch and kill them before they can activate their explosives.]
Zac: “What kind of explosives are they?”
Brock: “The bombs are… wine-bottle shaped.”

[Now that everything’s taken care of and we have a few minutes to breathe, it becomes clear that the Death Watch must have had a mole in Bakov’s organization.]
Torgath: “So, how are we gonna find the mole?”
Brock: “Through torture – the usual way.”

[A bit of discussion after the fight is over.]
Georges the GM: “Ti asks Bakov why he shot Bartok in the first place.”
Zac: “I assume he had his reasons. I mean, why does anybody shoot anybody?”

[As the denouement continues…]
Brock: “At some point, Lukas will want to have a vigorous conversation with Ti.”
Georges the GM: “Well, that’s exciting.”

[The next op will be to get the ancillary data to the work Neseen and Damosa are doing. It was collected by Dr. Heatherton and is currently housed at the Yele Medical Centre.]
Brock: “The upside is we’ve done it before. The downside is we’ve done it before.”

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